On “True Love” outside of marriage

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01 After you have a family, you meet someone you like better. If you are quite sure that it is true love, is it possible that the so-called true love is actually the result of generalization and expansion of personal subjective inference?Don’t be so quick to say no.This is also the “halo effect” in psychology.Let’s say you’re walking down the street and you meet a beautiful woman, but you don’t know her, and you’re attracted to her pretty face.It is easy then, from the partial information which one has, to form the whole impression, to affirm her beauty in every respect.All the good will pass through some kind of halo and be magnified infinitely, and all the bad will hide behind this halo and be diminished infinitely.In fact, these are the results of your own imagination, because there is no real understanding, it will be infinite beautification in the imagination.Who could refuse such a “perfect” person?Although this is his imagination, so it is bound to cause emotional impulse, very hot and strong.I feel like I’m full of invincible strength and the courage to do anything for it, and I’m sure it’s true love.This feeling, after all, is remote, new and passionate to you in the ordinary life of your marriage and family.Even though you are not friends at the moment, you have already seen all kinds of romance through imagination and fantasy, and you can’t extricate yourself.When you have an intuitive, subjective understanding, and find that her inner content is very different from their own imagination, her impression in your heart will fall off the altar, resulting in your feelings gradually calm down.So in its entirety, this “true love” is more like a farce, a self-fulfilling joke.As she said, “When a man longs for a woman’s body, he cares about her soul, and he lies to himself that he is in love with her soul.Only by taking possession of her body can he forget her soul.”What love does not love, I am afraid are more physiological impulse and demand in the back.They lie to themselves that it is true love, such as occupied her body, this love becomes more and more casual, more and more presumptuous.Would you care about her soul if it weren’t for her beauty?So there is a kind of true love outside of marriage, which is purely physical impulse, and disguises naked physical needs in the name of true love.Oscar Wilde once said, “Even love is purely a matter of physiology, and has nothing to do with our personal will.”It is purely physical attraction that drives emotional changes, making people blind, impulsive and passionate, and the passion goes as fast as it comes.And true love, is must go through the test of time, years of deliberation, can be determined.What you can’t get is the best. The more you can’t get, the more restless you will be. When you get it, your curiosity and freshness will disappear, and the passionate “red rose” will turn into mosquito blood on the wall.Even if you are willing to tolerate, is in vain.If not, she will only grow more beautiful in her memory.If you are outside of marriage, and met a special fit of people, life thought three views highly consistent, heart acts upon a hint, is the same, advise you, don’t be happy, should be careful, because he (she) is far smarter than you too much.In addition, two possibilities can not be ruled out. First, you only participate in the romantic part of each other’s life, but not the real part of life. Of course, there is no dispute, no conflict, and no friction and collision.The second is that you haven’t fully recognized each other for who you are, or who you haven’t revealed to each other for who you really are, so you exaggerate each other’s beauty in your imagination.Don’t believe in fairy tales, fairy tales are deceptive, and even if there are, they won’t happen to you. After all, you’re just an ordinary person, aren’t you?That thing between a man and a woman, it can be said that the most simple, if you want to trap, that no one can save you.About the “true love” outside marriage, when you have a certain experience and mature enough mind, you will find that an extramarital affair is just a moment of pleasure and a lifetime of regret.After a few moments of happiness, you will bring yourself endless trouble, so trouble is self-inflicted, at the cost of taking chances.After you get married, it’s normal to meet someone who makes your heart flutter, and you will meet such people again and again. After all, married life is dull, and there is something new with people outside.It’s just that we have to make the right choices, because otherwise you’re going to go through life with very little else to do, and frequent partner changes are going to be a major part of your life.Loyalty is not an instinct, it is a choice.When making a choice, if you are very contradictory and entangled, might as well advise yourself this way, in this world, no matter how beautiful people are, how many can you take home?If you can’t bring them all home, don’t forget your way home. Someone else is waiting for you.The person at home is the one who has really been giving, sacrificing and dedicating for you.Never get carried away by the excitement and novelty of what’s out there. Think about what’s important.Everyone has desires. The key is to be able to manage them and control our instincts.Even if you are sure of your feelings, can you be sure that the other person shares your feelings?Put a true love you do not cherish, partial to do, partial to make, you finally make yourself inside and outside is not a person.Some people, just take you when a leisure amusement object, lonely ambiguous object, do not waste time on such people, do their own things, loyal love yourself.–END–