Generation hong Shang 10: Luo Ji-shan steal oil to be fooled

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Luo Jishan came to Yang’s oil workshop, Yang Tongchang complained that the machine is broken to repair money, he pulled to the house.Street, luo drove to catch up with chan, chan advised him to quit smoking, don’t follow yourself later, Luo told the day chan Rattan conspiracy, he vowed: as long as he is alive, never allow anyone to hurt chan day.Tianchan to oil fang to get the news from Luo Li hurriedly told his father, Liu Yunxiang told his daughter when he left: don’t sit luo Li car back.Yang house oil fang, Luo Jishan took two million additional shares, to solve Yang Tongchang urgent, Yang Tongchang was grateful, Liu Yunxiang rushed to stop the transaction, said fund-raising has ended, no one can not add shares, Luo Jishan angry Liu Yunxiang not good, angry left.He went out of the door, and high office muttered fujiwara plan should be seamless, do not know who leaked the wind, if the bottom oil in their hands how good, then you can give high office to buy a family business, high office to grateful, immediately said willing to work for president Luo.Yang Tongchang heard Yang Yunxiang said this is all fujiwara conspiracy, surprised out of a cold sweat.Day chan regrets this time if it were not for Luo li, dad was fujiwara calculated, day yun luo li and big river elder brother a bit like, day chan but feel two people a heart the world, a loitering at home, there is no comparison.Yang Dajiang dont want everyone to gossip, I hope after sister dont give him extra food, dont wash their clothes, sister grateful Yang Dajiang teach brothers to read and write, also teach them the truth of life, as long as they twist into a rope will not be bullied, Yang Dajiang told her:Being bullied is not terrible, terrible is don’t know how to fight and resist, duomei laughed that she can fight with Big River for a lifetime.Yang Dajiang again to the river water KeBang brothers literacy, pike pups fell the blackboard, the leopard to remind him not to play the idea of one sister, she is the second husband, great river to explain his grew up and one younger sister, her only when his sister, never want to copy, usually pike or not, a great river was pushed to the ground, great river storms out.In order to get clear bottom oil, high department to contact Xiong Zigui to find dou Erdun and Dou SAN dun two brothers, arrange them to live, ready to steal qing dynasty bottom oil.Ouyang flower sister with water guest brothers are going to green Wolf beach platoon, heard that the puppy and Yang Dajiang fight, Yang Dajiang want to join the water guest help, she rushed to persuade fruitless for Yang Dajiang held into the help ceremony, and agreed with him to participate in the green Wolf beach platoon action.Days to see sister miss jiang tea and rice, then to the street to find two jiang, begged him instead of brother to write a letter to sister, two jiang suggested that she write her own, days had to let him find biaoju people to inquire about the whereabouts of his brother.Yang Dajiang and water guest help brothers in Yuanjiang encountered rapids, see two headed pike baby was hit by the waves in the river, River use lever principle with a stick to save him.Did not expect the pike baby just on the bamboo row, the wind suddenly, the tail row due to light drift is about to spread out, emergency, a person in the river risk standing in the tail row against the waves.Danger after the brothers to admire the knowledge is power, water KeBang also no one can like a great river with their smoothly through green Wolf beach no casualties, the in the mind is not usually pike heard this time, he warned river: saving his life will quote in the future, but don’t play sister idea, great river reiterated his little sister had no other means.Day chan read the letter guess this is day yun posing as big river to write, day yun spend three hundred oceans to get a message: Luozi mountain down two jiangyangbandits, is to the bottom of the Qing dynasty oil, they have to move the oil somewhere.Day night, the two brothers DouShi follow the instructions of the high agency into Liu Fu after he stole the barrel, three people rushed to get the ROM home by doing credit for the receiving of the reward, prison-like boot ROM. After the ill handle knob stretch into jar has touched a few snake, DouShi brother frighten frightened to disgrace, flee, luo reprimanded by high agency inferiority, arranged for him to send water KeBang a shipment, let them take and gun,I’ll do my job for them.Liu Fu, day Juan chasing two rivers, complain that he should have told himself, the tank is filled with poisonous snakes, chan let sister stop, hope luo president can learn a lesson, died the heart.Brothers back, Ouyang sister big banquet, celebrate river first platoon to water guest Yang Ming Liwan, leopard can not bear to sister Yang Dajiang toasts, cuanduo puppy said then two people will drink wine.