Live direct!Bozhou a villager fell into a deep well, auxiliary police three times under the well successfully rescued

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On April 4, a villager in Qiucheng District accidentally fell into a mechanical well and was found by the villagers for help. The auxiliary police Officer Li Longfei, who was thin due to the narrow mouth of the well, sank into the well three times and finally rescued the villager. “Someone fell into the mechanical well in the field.”At 9:19 am on April 4, lumiao police station of Qiao Cheng Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report that a villager fell into a well accidentally.The situation is urgent, the police on duty rushed to the scene.The villagers were found trapped about 6 meters away from the narrow mouth of the farm shaft, their whole bodies submerged in water.Due to low water temperature, oxygen and other reasons, the villagers have been in a state of delirium.”I’ll try going down the well.”Critical moment, slender auxiliary police Li Longfei volunteered to rescue the well.After tying the safety rope, Li longfei tried to descend into the well with the help of his colleagues.Since the shaft was too narrow for the body to move, Li longfei tried to make the drowning villagers tie their waist, but failed several times because the drowning villagers were confused.5 minutes later, When Li Longfei felt that his body was about to lose support, he was pulled up by his colleagues in time.He then made a second unsuccessful entry into the narrow and deep well.After resting for a while at the mouth of the well, Li Longfei decided to go down three times with his iron hook.After going into the well, Li Longfei hooked the hook onto the clothes of the villagers who fell into the water, and his feet tried to clamp the bodies of the villagers who fell into the water. At the same time, his hands grabbed their jackets. With the help of his colleagues, he finally rescued the villagers who fell into the well.After the well, Li Longfei also because of the lack of oxygen in the well, the body seriously overdraft, tired to stand up.It is reported that the villager went missing on the night of April 3, and his family searched for him without success. The next day, he was found by villagers in a mechanical well.After the successful rescue, the villager was rushed to the hospital for treatment.They are out of danger and are under further observation.Source: Bozhou Evening News