Qingdao Jinhui Chery Tiger 3X down 2000 yuan 6800 luxury gift package welcome to the shop car

2022-06-03 0 By

Ruihu 3X, which has been waiting for a long time, has finally lowered its price. Qingdao Jinhui Taiyuan Chery store now offers a discount of 2,000 yuan for car purchase from Now to February 25.Really can’t wait to go to the store to see the charm of The Tiger 3X ah promotion time 2022 02 20 to 2022 02 25 Ruihu 3x latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Qingdao quotation PLUS 1.5L CVT Siberia version 63,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 61,900 yuan diamond version1.5L CVT Siberian edition 66,900 RMB 64,900 RMB diamond edition 1.5L Manual 1 carat 49,900 RMB 0.200 RMB 47,900 RMB Diamond edition 1.5L manual 2 carat 56,900 RMB 0.200 RMB 54,900 RMB diamond edition 1.5LManual Queen edition 1.5L CVT3 carat I type 65,900 CVT3 carat II type 64,900 CVT3 carat DIAMOND edition 1.5LCVT Queen edition 68,900 yuan 66,900 yuan PLUS 1.5L Manual Happy cashew nut edition 49,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 47,900 yuan PLUS 1.5L manual Happy Red date edition 54,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 52,900 yuan PLUS 1.5LPLUS 1.5L CVT Happy Red date edition I Type 62,900 Yuan 0.200 yuan 60,900 yuan PLUS 1.5LCVT Happy Red date version II 61,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 59,900 yuan PLUS 1.5L CVT Guxing Pine seed version 67,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 65,900 yuan PLUS 1.5L CVT Queen version 67,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 65,900 yuan