Detective Conan original animated update, the plot is outrageous, no reasoning, Conan is buried in snow

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Hello everyone, I am Gakuen Sauce sauce.”Milky White sky (later)” in the domestic major video platform broadcast, the boy detective team encountered an incident in the ski resort, the snowstorm prisoners approaching, we will how to deal with it?Let’s take a look.Dr. Li, Conan, step beauty, light hiko, yuan tai and a group of people ready to go to the snow mountain skiing, on the way they help a car trapped in the snow out of the trap.The driver of the car was Ishibashi, the president of a pharmaceutical company, who later used a knife to kill his fellow doctor, Yokoyama.This scene happened to be sitting on the ski resort lift step beauty to see, so the murderer began to kill the young detective group.A group of people began the “snow escape”, escape into the lonely snow mountain forest, stumbled upon and entered a small house.Conan tries to get a signal on his cell phone, but the signal fades and the doctor doesn’t hear conan.The snow is falling more and more, the storm is raging crazily, the roof is crumbling, the murderer and two accomplices are about to chase here, Conan proposes that we tie the rope, together to escape to another cabin.Unexpectedly on the way to escape, the iron sheet on the roof of the hut was blown down by the wind and directly cut off the rope of the young detective group.They get separated in the snow, and Conan’s tracking glasses, an important prop, are buried in the snow.Conan’s desperate, endure the cold in the snow to find glasses, looking for three small.Sad feelings render gradually deepen, in everyone is about to insist on not to go on, Conan god general appearance, everyone hand in hand to another hut.When conan finally arrives at the hut, he is suddenly buried by the thick snow on the roof…The next scene is the scene where Conan wakes up in the hospital. Originally, after Conan was buried by snow, the police rescue team arrived in time to save him, and they met three bad people trapped by snow in a snowstorm, and all of them were arrested by the police.Conan heavy sleep in the past, the story to this end, feel to see = did not see, the whole record of the ledger ah, no nutrition.There is no reasoning in the whole process, and there is no battle of wits and courage with the prisoners. I was expecting how Conan would survive in the end and lead us to fight the enemy, but I did not expect to be buried in snow at last, and the doctor called the police to rescue them.It’s too watery to be defined by a mystery animation.In fact, “escape” this theme is very good, the feeling is much more interesting than solving crimes in the city apartment, but it is a pity that such a good animation theme, but finally was rotten.The roof of the iron precise landing, we lost contact completely, the prisoner called Conan provocation, groove too much too much.All in all, this is not a high quality statement, except that the style is good and conan is cute, but everything else is lame.That’s the end of this article, detective Conan original animation update, what do you think after reading?Everyone is welcome to discuss ~