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A late ice and snow test drive gave us a glimpse of the strength of the subaru, which features a horizontally opposed engine and a side-to-side symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, in harsh conditions.With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics and paralympic Winter Olympics, Chinese people are increasingly enthusiastic about ice and snow sports. Unfortunately, in the days of “Rivers open in July and Nine Swallows come”, it is difficult to find places around Beijing to play snow. Fortunately, our motherland is vast, and Heilongjiang is still covered with snow around the Awakening of Insects.So Subaru took us to Yichun, known as the Lincapital of China, to capture the tail of winter with all three SUVs currently on sale — the XV, Forester and Outback.When it comes to time nodes, I find “2” to be an interesting number.Not to mention the “most digitally repeated moments” that recently flooded social media, there are plenty of events in the auto world that happen in years ending in 2, so there will be plenty to celebrate in 2022:The 100th anniversary of Lincoln brand, the 90th anniversary of Audi using the fourth ring logo, the 150th anniversary of Pirelli, the 50th anniversary of BMW M brand…And the star of our campaign, Subaru, also relies on this “2” :In September 1972, Subaru released the Leone 4WD Estate Van, its first all-wheel-drive, economical passenger car (previously available only on suVs and a handful of expensive limited-edition models).But it laid the foundation for the left-right symmetrical all-wheel-drive system (SAWD) that is now one of Subaru’s selling points.(Interestingly, Leone was released on the eve of the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics to highlight its durability in inclement weather.)Subaru’s other selling points are, of course, the boxer’s horizontally opposed engine, which has a low center of gravity, low vibration, and distinctive sound effects.These advantages have long been well known to car fans, but some people say that subaru is worth promoting these two things for so many years. Some of them are not up to date with The Times, but don’t forget, one move, all the time, no one has what I have (Subaru is the only brand with standard horizontal opposite engine and SAWD) why give up?When we featured winter in the Great Lakes region in early December 2019, Subaru models were everywhere — sales were the order of the day.Besides, Subaru has made continuous progress in other aspects in recent years, including SGP platform, new infotainment system, EyeSight Driver Assistance system, SI-Drive Intelligent driving Enhancement system, etc., which makes this relatively niche brand have more extensive charm.All right, enough about feelings. Time to get in the car and go.First of all, it should be noted that although SAWD is good, it is still the tires that finally touch the road. However, on the completely smooth ice, no matter how good the drive system is, it is difficult to work well. Therefore, this test drive is all equipped with Nochi Hakkapeliitta 9 nail tires (here there is a “2” :The predecessor of Norge was Finland Rubber Factory, which was founded in 1898 and began to produce car tires since 1932.) As a special tire for ice and snow, its only disadvantage is that it makes a lot of noise on the paved road, but subsequent driving experience shows that it is really a good tool for fighting ice and snow, especially ice.Subaru brought all three SUVs, but of course we had to focus, and of course the focus was on forester, because on the one hand it was the sales of the brand, and on the other hand it was the newest of the three cars, and it just came out at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year, which was our first opportunity to test drive it.Because it is a mid-stage modification, the overall outline of the new Forester has not changed, but the front face is very different from the old model. The shape of the grille, frame and trim, headlights and fog lamp area have adopted the new design, which is more delicate while losing toughness.The size change is minimal, the length has increased by 15mm, other items are the same as the old model.Inside the car, it’s hard to tell the difference, but the functionality behind the interface has been upgraded. More on that later.The snow and ice experience into two part, first of all is to be located in yichun city 40 kilometers south of serdang forest farm in more than 10 kilometers, covered with thick snow, the pavement road, because is located in xiaoxinganling mountains, road not only ups and downs, and winding bend more, in this environment need not fast and the furious, but a careful, cautious, test the car through sex,There is another reason for us to slow down. There is a good natural ecology here, with roe deer and wild deer in the forest from time to time (it is said that there are wild boar, fortunately we did not encounter). We outsiders can not disturb the peaceful life of the “indigenous people”.Although still snow, exchanges between forest farm work and we are already the road snow rolled out of the vehicle ahead very tight rut, coupled with all-wheel drive system in imperceptible in distribution of torque between the wheels, have nail tire of help, it is hardly bring any obstacle to forester, we don’t even have to use the X – MODE in snow MODE,Just need to pay attention to the essentials of snow and ice driving, one is that the movement of hands and feet can not be too intense, the other is that the adhesion of soft snow surface is greater than that of hard snow, once the wheel deviates from the rut, after obtaining grip, it is easy to be further “sucked” off the road, so the eye and hand should always pay attention to the direction of progress, timely callback.There is a very steep downhill in front, the coach suggested that it is best to use the x-mode steep downhill function, because if the artificial operation is not appropriate, either the speed will be too fast to cope with the bottom of the slope, or the wheel speed is too slow to lead to the wheels sliding directly on the snow surface is not easy to control the direction.With his right foot off the pedal, the forester drove down slowly, steadily, his feet relaxed and his heart at ease.The second link is on a frozen lake in meihua River Villa, more than 20 kilometers northeast of the city.A lake?Practice drift?It seems to be similar to the ice driving of other brands, especially high-performance sports car brands.It’s not.The lake open terrain, early winter frozen winds in the process of a lot of “ice”, test team did not put them flat out, but then launched a uphill and downhill, side slope, the concentration of various Angle curve of driving route, make driving more difficult, because this paragraph of time have no snow again, and again and again,Some sections are exposed and the adhesion is uneven, with the result that the “ice track”, which is more than 3km long, resembles the ice and snow sections of a rally.That’s enough for a little passion, but the key thing to remember in an icy environment is not to be too strenuous.In China, this generation of Forester only provides a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine, 113 kW, 196 N · m (as before the change, the light hybrid version before the change is not available), which is really not strong in the same market, and many people say that the lack of turbo technology is not enough to keep pace with The Times.But in today’s environment, naturally aspirated models have the advantage of linear power output and no sudden changes in torque that can lead to sudden changes in wheel revs and lead to skidding, even if the fuel moves too hard.Of course, with the help of SAWD and nailed tires, it’s not a problem to overcome this kind of skidding and uneven adhesion, but the laws of physics are hard to defy. Acceleration, braking and steering responses on wet surfaces are a beat slower than those in dry conditions, so keep your eyes wide open and do the corresponding actions in advance.Subaru also opened an off-road area on the frozen lake, including a larger Angle of the side slope, cross axis, deep snow area, etc. It is not a problem for forest people up to 220 mm clearance to pass safely, but it shows the improvement of x-Mode function:In the past, it turned off when you drove more than 40km/h. Now it goes to standby and turns on when you drive below 35km/h, so you don’t have to go for a drive and come back again.Finally, XV and The Outtigers.As well as being positioned in the product lineup, they show significant differences in both forester directions.The light mixed version XV of power unit and the forest people are the same, the same ground clearance, but light weight of the car nearly 100 kilograms, so despite the short wheelbase only 5 mm, or significantly more nimble, once out of control were also more likely to correct, so the accessory coach encourages us to “can do some action”, also is in a relatively gentle curves through time to the appropriate oil is easy to drift.Outback, on the other hand, although the power index of the 2.5 -liter naturally aspirated engine torque out of many, in particular, but also more than 100 kg, is much more critical is the wheelbase 75 mm, that would make it more “stable”, can better keep the established route, can be accordingly once out of the “status” is also more difficult to save come back, so the accessory coach management are more strict,There were significantly more ‘decelerations’ than there were on the other two cars, because behind the wall of snow on either side of the track is not necessarily soft snow, but, as mentioned earlier, a solid ice wave.And last but not least, one more word about forester.There are also intelligent upgrades in the revised model, including the addition of gesture control of air conditioning (opening palm to the small screen above the center control screen is to heat up, clenching fist is to cool down), driver monitoring system and facial recognition system, EyeSight camera of EyeSight system has a longer range,New added to the emergency automatic steering auxiliary centered, lane keeping and with car steering vehicles, and other functions, for a price range of 223800 to 265800 yuan, the characteristic of the compact SUV, is very attractive, but these aspects is not the focus of the experience, we will as soon as possible through the depth of the drive to bring us more detailed introduction.By Shang Hong Xin photo/Shang Hong Xin and SUBARU