I believe in love again after I finish my “Honor killing” hit

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In April 2013, DUE to some unhappy work, I resigned my position as a martial arts instructor and was temporarily unemployed.My classmate Lin Yang, who is doing business in India, asked me to play there or help him.In early May, I arrived in the Northern Indian province of Hayana.Lin Yang runs a printing business in Hayana and has a small design company.Dani is an employee of the design firm.Dani, a tall 20-year-old from a rural village in Hayana, has a healthy golden complexion.Her large eyes, a combination of sky blue and black, gave off a seductive light when they gazed at people.Soon after I arrived in Hayana, I fell in love with this beautiful and dynamic girl.I know Dani is also very fond of me, she often in my practice in the side of the time, she would watch as long as I practice.Although we do not speak the same language, the occurrence of love has nothing to do with language and national boundaries.I could see adoration in Dani’s eyes, and Dani could see affection in mine.We were immersed in this foreign love.I wait for Dani to get home from work every day, and then I take her out to the river.They ate snacks while walking along the river bank.Dani snuggled close to me like a bird, her eyes happy and content, but also faintly sad.With the help of a synchronous translator, I asked my questions.Dani didn’t answer, but looked at me with a look that seemed to deepen the pain.I don’t know what she is worried about, but I think love is free, as long as two people really love each other, nothing can stop us from being together.In those days, Lin Yang went to the south on business, and he asked me to take care of the company.Because he wasn’t there, he didn’t know about my love for Dani.I think when he gets back, he’s gonna wish Dani and ME well.However, When Lin Yang came back and learned of dani’s love affair with me, he did not give his blessing, but strongly opposed it.He said: don’t engage in such exotic relationships, some things are not as easy as you think.I said: I’m not married, Dani is not married, why not?Lin Yang’s face was heavy. “There are many rules in their village,” he said. “There are strong racial values.Listen to me! Break it off!Although I am on good terms with Lin Yang’s brother, his attitude still annoys me at the moment.I have always been a strong independent person, parents can not control my decision, let alone Lin Yang.I said to Lin Yang: it’s rare to meet a woman I love, I will not give her up.Lin Yang’s face was very ugly. He said: It seems that I made a mistake to let you out!I suddenly heart unripe doubt, does Lin Yang also like Dani?If so, it may explain his opposition.His objection, because Dani did not fall in love with a successful boss, but fell in love with me, no money, no job only a kung fu rough man!I struggled to say, if it’s because you like Dani too — but I’m not giving up dani!We were truly in love…Lin Yang looked at me darkly.After a while, he said: You have been out for some time, go back to China.”Honor killing” I didn’t expect Yang Lin to show me the door.We grew up naked, and he never did that to me!I thought about it all night.At daybreak, I decided to take Dani out of town, rent a house and find work on my own.But I did not wait until Dani came to work, a question just know, originally, Dani let Lin Yang fired!I was so angry that I rushed to Lin’s office. “Why did you fire Dani?Lin Yang said: to save you!I don’t need your help!You are sour grapes – I did not finish my words, Lin Yang rushed over to give me a punch.Two brothers who grew up together, fighting over a woman in a foreign country!The quarrel lasted till both of them were stained.Then Dani rushed in — dani wanted to meet me on the pretext of packing up because she couldn’t put me down.She couldn’t help crying when she saw Yang Lin and I hit each other.I put my arms around the woman I loved and said, Let’s go, get out of here!Dani looked at me, her face sad.She looked at Lin again, and Lin nodded.The performance of these two people made me wonder, is there really something I don’t know about them?Dani said to me, honey, we really can’t be together.Dani’s tears came to her eyes. Because, we’re going to get an honor killing. Honor killing?Dani nodded.In her mournful narration, and in Lin’s most solemn translation, I heard a tale of horrific cruelty and, for the first time, the “caste system.”Back home, Dani had to follow the family’s orders and marry a man of the same caste.If she violated the caste system, she was subjected to an “honour killing”.”Caste,” Ms. Lin said, is similar to the Chinese term for “clan.”In India, this system divides people from the highest to the lowest into four classes, namely Brahman, Kshatriya, Veshas and Shudras.Among the four classes, a person of higher rank cannot marry a person of lower rank, and any violation of this rule is a violation of the caste system and is punished.Not long ago, a young couple in a village in Northern India’s Hayana province tried to elope to Delhi to get married. However, they were deceived into returning home. The man was beheaded by the woman’s family and his body was dumped at the door of the man’s house.The women were lynched by their families.Lin watched me open her mouth and paused for a moment. “Honor killing,” she added, “also known as honor killing, is when male members kill a female family member they believe is having an” improper relationship “with a man for” defending the honor of the family.”In India, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and elsewhere, societies have tolerated violence by male family members against female relatives who refuse marriage arrangements, file for divorce, or are sexually abused, and they believe that executing a female member who disgraces the family is justified.I was almost scared out of my wits.Here, there are such cruel things happen!But isn’t India always promoting civilization?’Even though the government considers honor killings illegal, insane and cruel, and the law takes them seriously and puns them hard, the influence of traditional religion is still too great to root out the crime spiritually,’ Ms. Lin said.Do you understand now why I was so adamantly opposed to your love affair with Dani?Because, your love will not bring you happiness, will only bring disaster!I turned to Dani, who was already in tears.I couldn’t get rid of Dani, and I was terrified of the damn caste system.I can’t give it up, one for love, and two for Dani having my baby.I had thought that her parents and family members would agree as long as they cooked the rice as they did in China. Who would have thought it was such a grim situation!Lin Yang was shocked to know that Dani had a child.In desperation, he rented another house for us, but kept warning dani not to go back to the village.Dani said we had to get married before the baby was born, otherwise it would be more trouble.But will her family agree to our marriage?I asked Dani to try talking to her parents.Dani didn’t dare.A few days later, Dani told me she wanted to go home and steal her papers before she could see it, and we could get married.I don’t know what kind of formalities a foreign marriage requires for me, but anyway, I have no problem on my side.If Dani can get her papers, I’m willing to go through all the red tape.I agreed to let Dani go back.After exhorting Dani to be careful, I put her on the bus home.After that, I came to Yang Lin’s company.Lin Yang learned dani back home, be frightened and change color.He said, well, now we’re in trouble!I am not so deep as Lin Yang thought, think maybe not so serious.Lin Yang said, I hope so.If Dani comes back this time, you should just go.I said well.I stayed at Yang Lin’s for lunch that day, and then I got a call from Dani.Her parents found out she was pregnant and wanted to see who the father was, she said by phone.Dani added that her parents didn’t seem that angry and just asked me to come over to talk about our marriage.I excitedly told Yang Lin what Dani had said.Lin Yang said: You can’t go!It’s a trap!You’re gonna get yourself killed!I think Lin Yang is making a mountain out of a molehill, how to say, I still believe tiger poison does not eat son, besides, now Dani has my child, I have to go!I decided to go to Dani’s house. Lin Yang saw my determination and said nothing more.I arrived at her hometown at noon the next day – a very old village.Her backwardness and desolation were beyond my imagination!There were many people gathered at the entrance of the village.Seeing me, they all stood up.I was nervous, but I didn’t show it.These were dani’s family and relatives, my translator told me, and they were leading us to dani’s house.When I arrived at Dani’s house, I still didn’t see Dani.The translator who came with them was blocked at the door, and they let me in alone.Suddenly I had a bad omen in my heart.Sure enough, stepping inside, I saw the horror I least expected: Dani hanging naked from a beam, with a knife sticking out of her stomach…All I felt was a rush of air through my chest, and at the same time, a heavy object hit me hard in the back.I vomited a mouthful of blood and threw myself on the ground.Someone came and pinned me down and stamped on my back.I looked up at dani’s tearful, pained face as she died.I can only imagine dani’s despair and fear before she died!She was such a beautiful girl, and she died so innocently at the hands of her family!The thought of this filled my heart with resentment.Just as they were getting ropes to tie me up, I jumped up and knocked them to the ground.The men were frightened.They didn’t know I was a fighter.Then I heard them roar out of the house, and more people poured in — I was trapped in the middle of the room.I thought I was going to be the victim of an honor killing!As I struggled to resist, the door was broken open, the police rushed in, and Lin Yang…I didn’t die.Lin Reported the case and spent the money, prompting the police to rescue me as quickly as possible.Yeah, if it had been any slower, I would have died next to Dani.After recovering from my injury, I returned to China at the end of the year under the arrangement of Lin Yang.Although the physical injury is good, but the heart injury, but never heal!I often think of Dani, of our unborn child, and even more of her innocent and tragic death!I finally understand that blind love, not only can not bring happiness, but also drag people into the abyss of pain.If it were not for my impulsiveness and obsession, perhaps Dani would not have lost her life!(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!