Do you know the first two masters of heaven?

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Ten years of drinking ice, it is difficult to cool blood, everyone, I am dou!Last issue briefly said about the story of Pangu’s creation, as a quote!The establishment of this period we say heaven is in the eyes of most, heaven the jade emperor dictated by the queen mother that a piece of heaven and earth, and in fact is not the case, here we want to explain to you what, in fact, we know that the jade emperor’s mother that was after a long time, before heaven with jade pool took over day emperor of science, the forehead is dominated by the demon race,And dominate the demon clan is the east emperor taiyi and emperor Jun brothers, is the hand with the east emperor zhong East emperor and the hand with taiji diagram of the emperor Jun, then the demon clan is how to get to the heaven?East the emperor too said today (Monday) in the era of universe, heaven and earth is nobody, this I think a lot of people in the middle of the mythology system should be clear, and the time when nuwa has not become a saint, this is another story, of course, here is not interpreted in detail, for wu and east the emperor jun 12 father exactly is connected to a pulse will surely there is no god is heterogeneous,Two communities but because a large number of inherited the veins of the pangu so fierce, in access to all the people of ancient artifact struggle finally led to the above, in the end because chaotic DaChu wu clan and demon race nuwa outside now get some kind of balance is lost, and how many years later, in subsequent demon race of wu family of conquering, but wu clan is not pleased lang grew up,Zhu Rong, Gong Gong and Di Jiang were not good, were they? In the end, they became balanced.Ravaged by figure at this time the east emperor and emperor JunYi not island as a scope for building to build the palace, it is accidentally found on the top of the island have another piece of heaven and earth, the east emperor very excited, so the east emperor and emperor jung directly will loose the whole palace moved to the mountains, and to the east palace as the heavenly palace, meaning is: the heavenly palace.Because the East emperor and emperor Jun occupied the temple after the wu clan completely controlled the ground, the achievement of the overlord on the ground.The first emperor of heaven was the East Emperor. Who was the second emperor of Heaven?This is what we said later, hao Tian Emperor, who is hao Tian, in fact, in the whole mythological system hao Tian identity is more interesting, I do not know if there are tao friends know hao Tian and Sanqing is what relationship?Leave a comment in the comments section.Sanqing Buddha after tens of thousands of years later the east emperor is not satisfied with the status quo, so led mountain, universal magic on the wu family of battle, the battle should be a lot of people know, is that relate to hit not island, directly to the so-called if we now call the lost can ascend heaven with chun road, nuwa to patch the stone family all into a colorful crafting all day,Of course, there are alternative views, these actions are hao Tian teacher intentional, but this bad thing to let Nu Wa to do, must be nu Wa hand hongmeng Purple is how to, nu Wa is the most clear in the mind, this bad man can only he to do.Nu Wa mending the sky and the earth also because can not bear the death of the people of the sorcery, so the earth into reincarnation, this is the earth of the big line, but also the earth of the fundamental dharma.The noumenon of the back earth is that suddenly disappeared when Pangu created the world. The noumenon of the back earth is dust to dust, earth to earth, and soul to the back earth. However, there is no need for pain and sorrow for posterity.Are a lot of people surprised here?In fact, you should not misunderstand what you said in the text. So you just turned recycling into a road, so that the world has recycling, rather than establishing the area that we are familiar with now. Of course, because of the Emperor of Heaven, you ended up in Fengdo.Fengdu and Emperor Fengdu also suffered serious damage after the lich war, so Hongjun showed up and took him away. Remember that you took him away, not left him in Heaven. At that time, the whole Heaven was like a treasure, empty there, without any fairies.How did haotian become the emperor of Heaven?That we began to elaborate heaven, science of heaven and the jade pool was hung-chun science side two boy, here is how I feel like a piece of content is missing a lot, it doesn’t matter, you continue to listen to, the hung-chun took the lead in the world of universe preach thirty three days outside the purple palace began, left for the heaven and science for the jade pool,You can see two hung-chun above when you have the boy, that is, in the heaven the teacher side over the years have had actually split science plan, so he told hung-chun teachers want to manage paradise, hung-chun also agreed, so that was heaven over science tiangong, because heaven to take over the tiangong science for eastern emperor and progenitor wu there won’t be too big problem.Heaven emperor of heaven and the jade pool science science after out of the purple palace is directly to the island, in some clean up after, began in the heavenly palace, but it is interesting, because the whole heaven heaven after its takeover of tiangong science team, there is no hands and no one can be used, respectively, to find his own disciple needs several teachers, mainly is not a stranger a pot of urine is less than,What if they don’t want to come?It is no tricks, that line, go back to find their own teacher, Hongjun gave a bad idea, make a demianpai not got it?ShenChi in before granting titles to gods, heaven with jade pool science, that is, the queen mother a few things, how much this a few things you should know some, including plain cloud flag, in fact is seldom people know, but heaven mirror with science, phoenix women should all know, heaven mirror can be view on science nine days, according to nine deep and remote, phoenix earth magic weapon is the main attack, to the secret law course, may strike Sunday stars!Plain cloud boundary flag in the preparation of these after haotian Emperor and yao Chi wang mother began to seal the god war, however, seal the god war as we see really become immortal is a good thing?In our next issue, we’ll look at some of the hidden secrets of the list.Focus likes forwarding, 3 lian is my biggest motivation work overtime clip update see you tomorrow!