Farewell cylinder screw air compressor full electric mask machine drawing transfer

2022-06-05 0 By

Existing yituo a mask ear machine automatically due to containing cylinder, you must configure the air compressor or screw air compressor to produce masks, not only the production process of noise, and also by its interference, machinery and equipment operators as long engaged in one-time non-woven products equipment r&d designers, working to improve the productivity of the machine at the same time,More to consider the humanized design of machine equipment operation.All-electric automatic production machine with one-ear mask, all the cylinders and air compressors or screw air compressors are eliminated, which not only reduces the production cost, but also greatly reduces the production noise. Besides the extreme comfort of the machine and equipment operators, the fatigue is greatly reduced.This set of drawings can be transferred exclusively nationwide or packaged with the drawings below.The drawing is produced by the original art designer of Pengchang Town, a famous nonwoven town in China, and the factory director of Stupid cow production. It was produced by the designer of one tow and one ear belt machine in 2015.Equipment drawings that have been put into production since SARS in 2003 Equipment drawings that have been put into operation since SARS in 2003