How many laps are 800 meters?What should I pay attention to when running 800 meters?

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The 800 meters are two laps.At present, we use the standard 400 meter track, 800 meters for two laps, in the 800 meter middle and long distance running, there are a lot of attention, these attention directly determines the results of the 800 meters, in the two laps of running, including: starting, physical distribution, track and field technology and cross the finish line and other matters needing attention.Here we will introduce in detail: a, 800 meters for the runway two laps: in the standard 400 meters runway, 800 meters for two laps, start and finish position for the same position, start immediately into the corner, and 800 meters is not allowed to pressure, sprint along their own runway, two laps later to reach the end.2. Precautions: 1. Start: as a middle-distance race, 800 meters generally take the squatting starting way, and the moving order is generally “in position ~ preparation ~ starting gun”, and start after hearing the starting gun.A false start at the first start and a false start at the second start will result in immediate disqualification.2, physical distribution: 800 meters as a middle-distance race, we generally use sprint in physical distribution, aerobic running buffer, and then sprint in the last distance.Physical distribution is very key for middle and long distance running, we should develop the habit of physical distribution in the process of daily training.3, track and field technology: 800 meters of long-distance running track and field technology is very important, especially the arm swing technology, we run in the 800 meters after the distance, in the state of insufficient physical strength, we can ease by arm swing, we want to increase the power of the back swing, so that the front swing can have power, in order to increase the frequency of the arm swing, get more speed.4, after crossing the finish line: in the process of running 800 meters, we generally wear spikes. After crossing the finish line, in the process of buffering, do not deviate from the runway, but to decelerate along their own runway to avoid collision and ensure safety.