In women’s figure skating single short program, Zhu Yi scored 53.44

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Women’s figure skating competed in the short program of women’s single skating at the Capital Gymnasium on Sunday night.In the end, Zhu yi scored 53.44 points and failed to advance. All three members of the Russian Olympic Team advanced, with Camila Valieva’s performance ranking first with 82.16 points.All 30 skaters will compete for 24 qualifiers in the short program, with China’s Zhu Yi, the 12th contestant, highly anticipated.Russian Olympic team player Valieva will appear in the 26th.Two other Russians will play In the 28th and 29th spots, Trusova and Serbakova.Zhu’s selection from The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” scored 53.44 points, ending up in 27th place and missing the cut.Although he was short of weeks in the first jump, Zhu yi performed perfectly in the third jump.Zhu yi smiles at the crowd after the match.”Today I remind myself to enjoy the games and enjoy the Winter Olympics,” Zhu said in an interview with Visual China.”There was something wrong with my first jump,” he said. “I didn’t feel very stable at that time. I let go a little bit after the jump.”Talking about the adjustment after the team competition, Zhu yi emphasized gratitude.”Thanks to the coaches, the team manager, and my parents for their support — they said, ‘You’ve worked hard, just skate on your own.'””I was so unhappy with myself, it was a bit humiliating, but to hear the words of support and encouragement, I’m so grateful to them.””Kim Boyang makes me laugh on the team.He was a funny boy. He could tell when I was nervous and tried to make me laugh.And the rest of my teammates were so gentle, they were all rooting for me.””I blocked a lot of Internet news, and then I went to draw. I especially like to draw the sky. After I draw, I feel better.””I hope to continue skating and go to school.One of the most touching moments for me was when I came back last year and everyone helped me adjust and it went well.””I know the level of Chinese women’s singles is a little lower than the international level, but our players all want to perform better.I love China and I got the Olympic spirit.””Some of the comments on the Internet probably hit me at first, but I adjusted.”On the other side, recently embroiled in a drug scandal, Russia’s Austria team player Valieva skated 82.16 high score, ranked first.Photo taken on February 15, 2022 shows the women’s single short figure skating program at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At the camila Valieva arena, Valieva danced to a tune called “Memorial”.At the beginning of the axel triple axel, there was a small mistake in landing, then, Philip triple axel, hook triple axel after the outside point ice triple axel is quite excellent.In the melodious and pathos of the music, Valieva waved and glided smoothly, showing her ultimate artistic expression.As the music fell, Valieva shed tears on the ice.The second runner-up in tears was Anastasia Serbakova of the Russian Olympic Committee, who skated 80.20 points.Hanori Sakamoto of Japan ranked third with 79.84 points.The Russian Olympic Team skated 74.60 points to fourth place.According to ioc rules, if Valieva finishes in the top 24 in the short program tonight, the 25th-place skater will also be allowed to enter the free skate.If Valieva finishes in the top three, there will be no flowers or medal ceremony in the women’s singles.The INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee won’t hold the medal ceremony until all the doping cases are over.In recent years, women from the Russian Olympic Team have dominated the women’s singles event, with Russians excelling in quadruple jumps.However, quad jumping is not allowed in the short program, which greatly reduces the pressure on other contestants.