Lanzhan of Chen Qing Order: Fortunately, it is not a one-man show

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Deep feeling, really beautiful.It makes people bow their heads.If I don’t meet him, I’ll never bow my head.Of all places I met him.His heart had four seasons regular rotation, suddenly, he left the eternal spring, spring wind over spilt Yang Yang, and directly drunk, slightly hazy, but looked at opposite and half awake, awake to this person, always looking at him, afraid to miss one single second wish eyes glued on him, even figure, take away my soul.He’s so loud.You know, the kind of guy who goes around.Because they are good enough, so, in the face of good, always stay, wander, even lingering, do not choose, everywhere mercy.Therefore, my shy wrapped me, so THAT I do not easily say, although, the heart word quickly become ashes.Until that time I asked him: What do you think I am?Wei Ying, pensively replied: I used to regard you as a lifelong confidant.At that moment, Shi broke the sky and surprised.The ice in my heart rustle melting, spring water completely filled, I, want to cry, want to sing.That sentence “lifelong friend”, gave me all the explanation.Originally, I have moved the heart, is the induction, or even, he is before me, then moved the heart.It goes both ways.Luckily, it’s not a one-man show.I have nothing to be wronged.Even if he waited 16 years, there will always be a unique care in my heart, not empty, not lonely.