Rural commercial banks in Shandong province have granted a total of 256.89 billion yuan in rural revitalization loans

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Shandong Province, February 17 (Reporter Chen Ying) In 2021, Shandong province achieved a significant increase in the annual grain sown area, yield per unit area and total output, becoming the first province in China with a total agricultural output value of more than one trillion yuan.The work report of the provincial government pointed out that to “unswervingly build the model of rural revitalization in Qilu”, the strong support of rural finance is urgently needed.Statistics show that at present, rural commercial banks in the province have issued a total of 256.89 billion yuan of rural revitalization loans, and the balance of agriculturally related loans reaches 861.32 billion yuan, fully demonstrating the role of rural finance as the “main force” and providing a solid financial guarantee for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.Qihe County, known as the “granary of the Yellow River”, is the only national grain production functional area pilot in East China.At present, Qihe Yancheng has integrated 30 key projects such as high-standard farmland construction, comprehensive agricultural development, and increasing grain production capacity by 100 billion jin, and built more than 700,000 mu of high-standard farmland. For five consecutive years, qihe Yancheng has implemented a unified wheat seed supply project of one million mu, which has consolidated the basic platform of grain production.In accordance with the county’s strategy of “grain storage in land, grain storage in technology” and the support program of “two belts and one self”, Qihe Rural Commercial Bank has increased grain production support and realized the steady growth of grain output year by year.At present, 7.023 billion yuan of agriculture-related loans have been issued, an increase of 740 million yuan from the beginning of the year.The key to rural revitalization is industrial revitalization.The specialized cooperatives led by the village party organization are the new operation subjects in rural areas and the key service objects of rural commercial banks in the whole province.Its association of shandong province conscientiously implementing agricultural, province, provincial party committee of the provincial party committee organization department and the provincial financial department and other departments issued “about promoting the village party organization LingBan guidance of cooperative work, formulate issued” the province’s agribusiness bank financial service plan, clear the service object, access, loan purposes, quotas, preferential policies, operating procedures.Yanwo Town, Lijin County has a 30-year tradition of mutton sheep breeding. As the main producing area of “Yellow River Estuary Tan Sheep”, its breeding scale ranks first in Shandong Province and also ranks first in China.In 2019, Lijin County was identified as the provincial “Pilot County of fiscal and Financial Policy Integration to support rural revitalization”. Lijin Rural Commercial Bank established the service model of “Party construction + finance”, established risk supporting compensation fund, and innovated the launch of “Huanghekou Tan Sheep Loan”.In November 2021, Lijin Rural Commercial Bank issued the first “agricultural insurance loan” of 1 million yuan in the province and the city.With the support of local Rural Commercial Bank, the integrated development of green ecological breeding of Beach sheep in The Yellow River Estuary of Yanao Town has been realized. By the end of 2021, the balance of beach sheep loan of Lijin Rural Commercial Bank is 357 million yuan, and the accumulative amount of beach sheep loan has been over 600 million yuan since this year.In recent years, the provincial Rural Commercial Bank firmly serves the market positioning of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and the development of real economy, focuses on “industry prosperity”, innovates and promotes 21 xingnongdai series products such as “farming loan” and “family farm loan”, supports the leap from a big agricultural province to a strong agricultural province, and upgrades the agricultural development from ensuring supply to promoting production and people’s wealth.Convenient, ecological and livable financial services are essential for rural revitalization.Provincial Rural Commercial Bank focuses on “ecological livable”, innovates and promotes 7 series of livable loans such as “Farmer housing loan” and “rural tourism loan”, helping to improve the livable level.”You can withdraw your money at your doorstep without crossing the Yellow River.”On August 27, 2021, Xie Jinge, who lives in Sanhe Village, Old Town of Juancheng County, handled the withdrawal business in Liuhe Community Bank.In the past, it took five kilometers across the Yellow River to withdraw money. Now, community outlets are less than 500 meters away from home.The villagers can handle deposit and loan and other financial services without leaving the village through the intelligent teller machines of Juancheng Rural commercial Bank Liuhe Community Bank.In order to extend rural financial services, Shandong Agricultural Credit Union also guided rural commercial banks throughout the province to set up 48,000 village-level financial service points in rural areas according to the standard of “serving about 500 households with a service radius of about 3 kilometers”.In Yangmiao Community, Dongji Town, Kenli District, Dongying City, Kenli Rural Commercial Bank set up a publicity station for inclusive finance and launched a package of “customer-centered” financial services.At present, the amount of personal savings deposit of Yangmiao Community Inclusive Finance propaganda Station has reached 18.198 million yuan, an increase of 10.7537 million yuan compared with the beginning of 2021.The average daily deposit amount reached 18.295 million yuan, an increase of 12.841,000 yuan compared with the beginning of the year, and the quality financial services were widely praised.In the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Shandong Agricultural Credit Union focuses on “village style civilization”, innovates and promotes 6 pioneer model loans such as “army loan” and “good rural youth loan” to help foster new rural wind.Relying on the intelligent marketing system, Qingzhou Rural Commercial Bank uses “big data + artificial intelligence” to grant basic credit quotas to all people aged 18-60 with independent civil capacity, realizing the transformation of inclusive finance from “wide coverage” to “full coverage”.Farmers do not need to provide guarantee, do not need to run network, do not need to provide paper materials, “a machine in hand, a point through”, along with the loan, along with the loan, farmers credit with the loan from “run at most once” further breakthrough into “do not run once”.By the end of 2021, relying on the first “Rural revitalization Inclusive finance service platform” jointly created by Weifang Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and Weifang Rural Credit Union, Qingzhou Rural Commercial Bank has completed credit granting work for 783 villages, including 100 demonstration villages, in which the credit granting coverage of loanable farmers has reached 100%.Qingzhou RURAL Commercial Bank also innovated the offline joint evaluation and points incentive mechanism, including good rural youth, good daughter-in-law, “the most beautiful garden” model households and other models into the database, and quantified the civilized and good deeds of the masses into points “storage”. The more personal honor, the higher the points, the larger the credit line, the greater the interest rate preferential.By the end of 2021, a total of 19.6 billion yuan of credit had been granted to 343,700 residents, with a credit limit of 57,000 yuan per person, accounting for 72% of the city’s creditage-eligible population.Focusing on “effective governance”, Shandong Agricultural Credit Union innovated and promoted 6 effective governance loan series products, including “Strengthening village loan” and “Enriching farmers and revitalizing villages loan”, to help promote rural governance.Jining Rural Commercial Bank selected and sent 139 outstanding managers to serve as off-duty deputy mayors of towns and townships under the jurisdiction of Jining city, giving full play to the role of local government as “financial staff assistant” and participating in the rural revitalization work in an all-round and in-depth way.The 83 temporary cadres selected by Dongying RURAL Commercial Bank make full use of the advantages of many branches and wide distribution in the community and the bank’s business offices, and set up service positions such as “party member meeting room” and “Party mass face-to-face studio” in the community and business offices.So far, it has received more than 500 people and solved more than 120 difficulties and problems.Heze Juye Rural commercial Bank explored the establishment of a “financial village chief” in the village system.433 outstanding employees were recruited to serve as “finance village heads” in 624 administrative villages, opening up the last mile of rural financial services and resolving the financing difficulties.By the end of 2021, RURAL Commercial Bank of The province selected 4,435 outstanding cadres to hold temporary posts in towns and villages, and built 5,187 model villages of the rural revitalization strategy of financial services at provincial, municipal and county levels.20,000 account managers are stationed in villages to provide fixed financial services for 69,100 villages.The key to rural revitalization is to increase farmers’ income.To this end, Shandong Agricultural Credit Union focuses on “living well”, innovates and promotes 19 rich agricultural credit series products such as “Benefiting farmers consumer Loan”, and helps promote industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading.Li Shouli is a poultry farmer in Liguanmu village, Zhanglu Town, Xinxian County, and is also a retired soldier.After knowing that he has the idea of expanding the scale of breeding, xinxian Rural commercial bank recommended to him the same, the same grade loan interest rate down 30% of the “army loan”.With the help of a 300,000 yuan loan, Li has built six duck houses, each of which can hold 5,000 young ducks, with an annual net profit of 30,000 yuan.Qixia Rural Commercial Bank to create people around the apple professional bank.In the peak season of apple buying and selling, Qixia Rural Commercial Bank organizes 30 “Red Vest” service teams to go deep into fields and markets of large and small sizes. The service team is equipped with “one customer manager + one teller + one mobile device” to help customers and ordinary people conduct face-to-face payment transactions.The bank also comprehensive use of “family affection loan” and other agricultural benefits policy, to assist farmers to replace new apple varieties, attract foreign fruit merchants to Yantai, support local cold storage enterprises, in 2021, the issue of apple theme loan 80 million yuan, help characteristic agricultural products production and marketing integration development, effectively speed up farmers to save money and increase income.Edited by Minmin Qiu And reviewed by Shan Li