Settlements awesome!Lakeside legal broadcasting studio officially launched

2022-06-06 0 By

Read and create/Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Yang Jingyu correspondent Liu Ye recently, the view of the lake rule of law direct broadcast officially launched, the street justice of the use of new media publicity platform, joint community legal advisers for the masses to popularize legal knowledge, for the online law to add a new front.In the first live broadcast, Tan Zhengde, the legal adviser of Songyuanxia Community, took “Eight changes brought by The Civil Code to marriage inheritance” as the theme and carried out the case argument through online live broadcast, which achieved good publicity effect of law popularization.In the service of the past, tan lawyer found that many residents community to come to consult inheritance, marriage and other issues, the live, tan lawyers in “civil code” about marriage focuses on inheriting changes, examples in detail, analyzed thoroughly, and explained the “civil code” the significance of inheritance and make changes in the marriage.”The online legal education campaign is very down-to-earth. Lawyers teach legal knowledge that is closely related to life. It really benefits a lot.”The new form of law popularization won praise from citizens.Rule of law direct broadcast through community legal counsel for the masses to popularize legal knowledge, in the innovation of laws and regulations publicity and education forms, further enhance the citizens’ belief in the rule of law, the awareness of the rule of law and the concept of the rule of law, to create a safe community to create a good rule of law environment.Read: Sun Shijian sun Zhengdong