The Police Station of Xinjian Road of Tongcheng Sub-bureau carried out strict investigation of overload of large trucks

2022-06-06 0 By

To comprehensively strengthen the road traffic safety management and ensure the Beijing Olympics and the country during the two sessions on roads under the charge of traffic safety and prevention for traffic violations caused by road traffic accidents, according to the city bureau of the city to carry out the “three check accused of” road traffic safety special operation plan request, the new road police station does not regularly take spot checks and spot check the way of combiningWe will severely investigate and punish the overloaded and over-limit cargo vehicles, effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of road traffic safety in the jurisdiction, and ensure the safety of people’s travel.On February 16, Tongcheng Branch Xinjian Road police station, Baiyin Branch traffic police Brigade Xitong Squadron, together with baiyin City Transport bureau law enforcement brigade, in the key area of the key road section, the inspection of vehicles, focusing on large trucks suspected of overloading and other illegal acts.During the inspection of the old 217 road section, it was found that six of the large trucks were suspected of being overloaded, so the vehicles were stopped for inspection and the vehicles were guided to carry out overload detection.Tested, two vehicles carrying the total quality of more than one hundred tons, the rest four two severe overloading, slight overload two, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety regulations, the joint had on the above violation penalties according to law, and the truck driver was criticized education, supervise and urge its overloaded cargo unloaded.Through the launch of the action, effectively curb the truck overload caused by road traffic accidents, further eliminate road safety hazards, to ensure that baiyin city road traffic situation continues to be stable.