Bai Juyi, a new work in official script, “Fasting in Early Spring: A Reply to Ten Gifts from Emperor Fu”

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On February 4, 2022, according to the lunar calendar January 4, is a good day, one is in spring, the second is the 24th winter Olympic Games in Beijing, three is the provincial capital shijiazhuang, the weather is sunny, the rise of temperature, good mood, then write the tang dynasty poet bai juyi wrote over the scene for the poem “early spring keep vegetarian fast, see a suspection.i ten give” :Clear and new atmosphere, have drunk visitors.Emperor city flower laugh long zhai guest, for thirty years negative early spring.The idea of the poem is that in the first month of the lunar New Year, the spring breeze warms up and the air is clear and breezy. In the capital, many people go out to play, especially those literati, who are intoxicated with flowers and scenery, and sometimes chant poems and compose poems with deep emotion.Even the plants laughed at those who stayed in their fast for thirty years and wasted the beauty of early spring.There is also a saying that “long zhai guest” refers to those who are unable to take the scientific examination. Instead of going home, they stay in zhai temple for a long time, studying hard behind closed doors and even reluctant to go sightseeing and enjoy flowers.The poet’s poem implies that one should live a carefree life, eat as one should, play as one should, and don’t get caught up in something.From the beginning of early spring, you should often come out to play, view the scenery and enjoy the flowers, happy body and mind, do not live up to the beauty of nature.This piece of calligraphy is written on four-foot square antique gold rice paper.– Wu Feng (Yifeng)