Reveal | good polyester optimization suspected MLM OOOKAY polyester by a great number of consumer complaints

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Anti-fraud network news:Recently, named laundry, but there are people promotion mode, a “good polyester preferred” project was exposed to financial eagle eye, good polyester preferred operating subject Jiangsu good polyester wisdom Technology Co., LTD.,Affiliated companies are Shanghai Haodi Washing Co., LTD., Haodi (Changzhou) Washing service Co., LTD., Jiangsu Haodi Network Technology Co., LTD., Jiangsu Haodi Preferred E-commerce Co., LTD.According to financial eagle eye survey, good polyester preferred recharge 399 can become a consumer, become a consumer in addition to get a variety of so-called “welfare”, the most important is to be able to pull new people to become a consumer, pull a reward of 100 yuan.In addition, the company also set up consumer, store manager, franchisee, partner, founder, co-founder levels.If you want to be promoted upward, you need to complete a certain number of people, for example, you need to pull two people to be promoted to the store manager.The higher up the ladder, the bigger the rewards, the higher the benefits.Thus it can be seen that the preferred model of good polyester has been suspected of MLM.Not only that, good polyester preferred one of the few offline dry cleaning shop “OOOKAY good polyester” also received a large number of customer complaints.Financial yingye found in a platform, users complained that “in 2020.10.17 ordered” Changzhou good polyester e-commerce network Technology Co., LTD. “under the” good polyester e-commerce “:” good polyester OOOKAY “wedding dress dry cleaning business, only the wedding dress tail a little dirty.After the wedding dress was sent back on October 22, 2020.When I checked it, I found that the clasp of the back collar of the wedding dress was missing, and the upper body line of the wedding dress was washed, and there were two tears.”Article source: Financial Hawkeye