Agbank Shangluo branch to provide money laundering suspicious clues 35, to help arrest 22 suspects

2022-06-08 0 By

On April 3, 2022, Shangluo Shanyang County Public Security Bureau sent a letter of commendation to Shangluo Shanyang Sub-branch of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China, praising the bank for actively providing suspicious clues of money laundering cases and cooperating closely with the public security organs to successfully detect 21 bank card crime cases involving Zhao and others.In recent years, the agricultural bank branches in shangluo always attaches great importance to the anti-money laundering work, the local People’s Bank of China, silver protects inspect bureau and ShengXing anti-money laundering center, under the guidance of actively improve the organizational structure, improve the working mechanism, continuously optimize the internal control system, adhere to the anti-money laundering work embedded into the operation and management, business process, through the system control and artificial combination of identifying risks,Strengthening anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance management, earnestly fulfilling anti-money laundering obligations, providing strong support for preventing and cracking down on money laundering crimes.Strengthen organizational guarantee and build efficient working mechanism.The bank attaches great importance to anti-money laundering and compliance management. All branches have established anti-money laundering compliance management committees and established and strictly implemented the quarterly regular meeting system.The leaders of the meeting must emphasize the anti-money laundering work, and the business department of the monthly regular meeting must report the performance of anti-money laundering.The establishment of anti-money laundering special personnel post, the business department set up the compliance management post, the implementation of the “one in charge” system, “three lines of defense” to ensure the effective development of anti-money laundering.We will focus on risk prevention and control and improve our capacity for analysis and screening.The bank give full play to the first-line staff understand customers, understand business, understand the advantage of the risk, earnestly implement the customer due diligence, money laundering risk assessment, which work requirements, such as putting the struggle adhere to anti-money laundering platform warning and artificial identification, the combination of strengthening large and suspicious transactions monitoring and analysis, dig and clues to money laundering risk, the risk of money laundering and to analysis ability improved greatly.In the past two years, 35 suspicious clues of money laundering have been transferred to the public security organs, and 22 suspects have been arrested. More than 10 cases of bank card trading, opening accounts with shell companies, and fraudulent remittance by false information have been blocked at the counter, effectively maintaining the regional financial security and economic order.Strengthen publicity and training to create a good working atmosphere.Adhere to the construction of professional personnel as the breakthrough point of anti-money laundering work, establish a regular training mechanism, and actively improve the professional quality of anti-money laundering team. The proportion of employees with anti-money laundering job qualification in the whole administration reaches 23%, and the anti-money laundering performance ability of front-line employees is constantly enhanced.Daily propaganda and publicity, propaganda, unified online and off-line independent propaganda and promotion “three combination”, promoting anti-money laundering propaganda education, improve the public awareness and support for the work of anti-money-laundering, solid to fulfill social responsibility, to establish a good image, the state-owned big rows for seven consecutive years as “people most satisfied shangluo bank”.(He Jianbo, Yang Fengjun)