Legend: The Case of the Dead

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During the Reign of Emperor Guangxu in qing Dynasty, there was a young man named Liu Baoqing in Liujiazhuang, She County, Anhui province. His family was poor and he married Wang Chunyan, who was virtuous and kind and gave birth to a girl next year.In the same year, Liu baoqing borrowed a few ounces of silver from a relative and said goodbye to his wife and daughter and went away to learn business from others. But it was almost three years before he came back.When he returned home, he was unhappy. Wang asked him about his health, but he ignored his wife as if he did not know her.Wang is a good wife and mother, seeing her husband so cold, she does not mind, thinking that her husband has been stimulated by something outside.So they patiently ask what is not happy.Liu Baoqing still did not speak, every day is a listless appearance, and trance.Wang hurried to a doctor to cure his illness, and took a lot of medicine. It seemed to be getting worse and worse. For nearly half a month, the family had no money left.One day he suddenly sat up in bed and shouted in a Zhejiang accent. Wang hurried over to look at him and asked his wife: Where is this place?What am I doing here?Wang was so scared that she asked what was wrong with him, but Liu pushed wang to the ground and ran out.Wang shi hurried to catch up with him and asked: her father, did you fall into evil?Liu2 bao3 qing2 however push wife away again say: why do you want to pull me not to put?Wang asked her husband: What’s the devil in you?Why don’t you know your own wife?Liu Baoqing looked up and laughed and said, “My name is Jiang Ziqi, a native of Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. I have a wife and a concubine. When did I marry you, a woman from the countryside?She said, “You are my husband liu Baoqing, not Jiang Ziqi.” She hurried back to the house and took her three-year-old daughter in her arms and said, “My dear father, you see this is our dear daughter. You don’t care about getting married.At this time, the neighbors heard the couple quarrel outside the gate, have come to persuade, but everyone heard Liu Baoqing operation a foreign accent talk, feel very strange, I do not know how to persuade the couple.At this moment, Liu Baoqing seemed to be thinking hard and seemed to hesitate. Wang ran into the house again and took out a mirror and handed it to her husband.Liu Baoqing took a look at the mirror, instantly as if possessed by a ghost, threw the mirror to the ground and hysterically called: God!When did I become like this?Then he squatted on the ground and cried.At this moment the chief also came and asked Liu Baoqing what had happened to him, for everyone knew that he had not spoken to anyone since his return.Liu Baoqing looked at the chief and said, “I really don’t understand how I came here, and I don’t know why I became such a ghost.The inside long listened to but smiled and shook his head and said: You are Liu Baoqing, don’t tangle again, go back.Liu Baoqing said dejectedly: MY name is jiang Ziqi, just clearly still in Zhejiang Yuyao home to take a nap, woke up but found all around are strange, especially this woman, she actually said that my wife, said pointing to wang sitting on the ground crying.Inside long also feel that he is not light, so to the public to help him at home, who knows this Liu Baoqing but fly into a rage: I repeat, I am Jiang Ziqi of Zhejiang Yuyao, have a wife and concubine, the house has a hundred, rich, how can you force me to stay in this poor and dirty place?I wouldn’t live with that woman for the rest of my life. I must go, he said, and he went away.Wang will beseeched inside long say: please stop him, perhaps he really got lost heart crazy, inside long namely sympathize with Wang, and suspect Liu Baoqing is intentionally want to abandon mother and daughter, an angry and all liu Baoqing twist sent to county yamen trial.However, the magistrate had not questioned liu Baoqing, but he wrote down a confession. Although Liu Baoqing had studied in an old private school for several years before, he had no such literary talent.Then someone told the magistrate that Liu baoqing might be suffering from ghost sickness, that is to say, his body was possessed by someone else’s spirit.The magistrate had never seen such a strange thing. In order to confirm whether it was true, he immediately sent two business officers to Yuyao, Zhejiang province, and according to liu Baoqing’s address, to find out whether there really was a man named Jiang Ziqi.On the third day, they arrived in Yuyao, Zhejiang province, where they found out there was a big family named Jiang, and the son of the family was Named Jiang Ziqi. However, he died a few days ago for no reason.Jiang’s father, Jiang Weng, was very surprised when he heard about this. His son was very young. When he found that he was about to die, he immediately went to a doctor for treatment.Two tolerance pinched finger a calculation, Jiang Ziqi’s death period, just with Liu Baoqing strange disease time coincide.Jiang Weng think this strange thing, then follow the tolerance to she County to see, this claims to be his son, if it is his son’s soul attached to his body, this is also perhaps things, three days later, the three returned to she County county government.Jiang weng immediately asked to see Liu Baoqing. The magistrate told him not to speak in a hurry to see if Liu Baoqing really knew him.Jiang Weng went to the prison with his business trip and saw Liu Baoqing sleeping on the grass floor. Seeing Jiang Weng coming, he got up and cried, “Father, you are coming. Please help me.Seeing the strange face, Jiang Weng was at a loss for a moment. Liu Baoqing knelt down and kowtowed to Jiang Weng and said, I am your son Jiang Ziqi. I cannot understand why I have become a different person.Liu Baoqing in order to let Jiang Weng believe that he is his son, so he talked about the start of many secret things, including jiang Weng back also have a mole, Jiang Weng heard this, they immediately believe that his son’s soul is attached to the man.In other words, although his son died for unknown reasons, his soul attached to this person named Liu Baoqing.Seeing the man who claimed to be his son, Jiang Weng wept bitterly and said, My son!Since your spirit is still here, come home with me.When Wang heard that her husband wanted to go back to Zhejiang with Jiang Weng, she was so angry that she went to the court and held on to her husband and would not let him go. However, Liu Baoqing threw her off fiercely and said, “You rural woman, I am clearly Jiang Ziqi. Why do you want to be your husband?Don’t you know what shame is?The magistrate was also in a dilemma, originally this Liu Baoqing is to abandon his wife and daughter and was turned over, but now to walk from the yamen, this is really too sorry Wang’s mother and daughter.Jiang Weng gently advised wang, “My son’s spirit is attached to your husband. Even if the government judges him to you, you two are so far apart from each other that what’s the use of tying him to your side?Why don’t I pay you some money and remarry someone you like someday?Wang said defiantly: I have seen his heartless face, and now I have changed my mind. I don’t want to see him again.Even if his soul is your son, there is no need to be so fierce, I will not take any money from your Jiang family, be a man of backbone, even if begging in the future, I will bring up my daughter.Then he left without looking back.Besides, after Liu Baoqing and Jiang Weng returned to Yuyao, Zhejiang province, he lived a very comfortable life. Every day, he followed his two servants and went to the restaurant to drink, or else he practiced swordplay in the garden of jiang’s palace, which was jiang Ziqi’s favorite thing to do before his death.All of a sudden, this weird thing was spread by the local people, many people came to the Jiang family to watch the fun, and the relatives of the Jiang family also wanted to sit down with Liu Baoqing to talk about the past things, but liu Baoqing refused, and chose to avoid.Jiang weng thought that his son hated being asked endlessly about this matter, so he declined to visit anyone who was not essential to his family.Song Shaoxing, the county magistrate of Yuyao county, was a young man of local origin. When he heard about this strange affair of the Jiang family, he thought it was all a hoax.He did not believe in the existence of spirits, and if so, where had his own soul gone?It’s a ridiculous idea to be blown away by a possessed soul.But this matter is also really very strange, song county magistrate want to figure out how to return a responsibility exactly this, think over and over finally came up with a plan.One day, in order not to attract attention, Liu Baoqing went to the restaurant to drink alone. The waiter had just put the wine and dishes on the table, but before he moved his chopsticks, an old man came straight to him.The old man sat down and drank a glass of wine. Then, as if nothing had happened, he picked up the chicken feet on the plate and began to chew.Liu2 bao3 qing4 angry scold way: you this shameless old man, why sit here to eat my wine and vegetables?Are you invited by me?I’m sorry for you. Get up and leave.But the old man rebuked him and said: How can we not know each other?You’re in someone else’s body, and you only know your parents?Didn’t you recognize your loving uncle from childhood?Liu Baoqing listened to the first one leng, then hurried to accompany smiling face said: blame me for drinking too much, did not recognize you.Suddenly, however, the old man pulled off his false beard and wig, revealing a handsome young face that looked strangely dignified.Liu Baoqing was immediately frightened to death, temporarily do not know this person what head, handsome young man teasing said: you drink there, I clearly saw the buddy just put the wine and food on the table for you, talk nonsense in broad daylight, you carefully see who I am?See Liu Baoqing a pair of look at a loss, the young man laughed and said: we two from childhood to adulthood, I thought you would know me into an old man, that showed I have not you have not recognized me.At this time, Liu Baoqing was already sweating profusely, so he randomly named several people. Seeing his death-like appearance, the young man rushed downstairs and shouted: Arrest Liu Baoqing, who pretended to be possessed by jiang Ziqi’s soul, to the government office.In fact, the young man was song County magistrate.Liu baoqing was taken to the court. At first, he tried his best to argue, but the magistrate had already seen through his trick and did not want to talk so much nonsense to him. He ordered The magistrate to say: Jiang Ziqi is already dead.Liu Baoqing listened to then dumbstruck, but just confessed the truth.However, due to his poor family, liu baoqing only studied in an old-style private school for a few years. Later, after the death of his parents, he abandoned school and had no choice but to do farm work. After marrying and having a daughter, his life became even more difficult.However, Liu baoqing did not know how to be a businessman. He did not make any money, and even lost all his money. He had no face to go back to his hometown to meet his wife and daughter.Then I worked as a clerk in an inn.Before long, Liu baoqing met a young businessman from Zhejiang who came to stay at the inn. The businessman was Jiang Ziqi. They were about the same age, and jiang Ziqi was frank and forbearing.As people often rewarded him with silver, Liu Baoqing treated Jiang Ziqi very comfortably.Just after the Double Ninth Festival, the weather became extremely cold. Jiang Ziqi suffered from wind chill, so Liu Baoqing went to the drugstore to get medicine and make medicine soup.One day, Liu Baoqing saw the boss in the drugstore is developing a medicine, the appearance is very mysterious, so cross-examine the boss is what medicine.The boss, who was already familiar with him, said to him mysteriously, “I am preparing a poison that will slowly poison you and kill you. The amount of the poison is the time when the patient dies, but people will not notice it at all. It is only given to those who are terminally ill.Liu Baoqing listened to immediately evil thought, he decided to poison Jiang Ziqi instead of him to do ginger childe, play a soul possession of the drama, in order to occupy the property of the Ginger, then begged the shopkeeper to match him with a bag of such poison, the reason is that in the future if he got incurable disease, also do not bring trouble to the family, on their own.After returning to the inn, Liu Baoqing served Jiang Ziqi more thoughtful, almost not from his side, but also often drink Jiang Ziqi drunk, drunk Jiang Ziqi will speak freely, the things at home to Liu Baoqing said clearly, Liu Baoqing asked what he said.Jiang even told Liu Baoqing the characteristics of his father and his concubine. Originally, Liu Baoqing had attended an old private school for several years and was extremely intelligent by nature. He also studied Jiang Ziqi’s handwriting privately in order to prepare for his visit to Jiang’s home.Two months later, Jiang Ziqi went back to his hometown yuyao, Zhejiang province. Liu Baoqing pretended to be reluctant and shed tears.He gave a banquet for his friends, and when Jiang Ziqi drank himself unconscious, he secretly poisoned the wine and forced jiang Ziqi to drink it.Jiang Ziqi just walked the next day, he followed to leave the inn, returned to her hometown Liujiazhuang she County, he is also calculated, Jiang Ziqi at home poison hair death roughly the time, and then at the same time with the strange disease of being possessed by the soul.In this way, Liu Baoqing finally succeeded in jiang Ziqi, he not only lived a rich life, but also jiang Ziqi’s wife and concubine also accounted for his own, but he did not dream of, was the young Song County magistrate saw through his tricks.This pile absurd leave the soul case, finally the truth comes to light, song county magistrate then presents the document to Henan, arrest the boss of drugstore to yamen trial, drugstore boss also confessed.So the county magistrate of Song Decided that Liu Baoqing was sentenced to beheading for murder, which was executed immediately after his petition was approved. The owner of the drugstore was confiscated of his property and sent to the border area to do hard labor for supplying poison.Jiang Weng did not think that Liu Baoqing, who regarded as his son, was the murderer of his son. He was so angry that he almost killed himself.Jiang ziqi’s concubine was also ashamed and indignant, but her family did not stop her from hanging herself.When the story of Liu Baoqing was spread to shexian county, she was ashamed of having such a husband, so she took her daughter in her hands and quietly left her hometown, found a place where no one knew them and settled down, and changed her daughter’s surname.