Shanxi Pingyao: thousands of years old city thick spring

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Yangko dance, stilt walking, waist drum, dragon and lion dance……At ten o ‘clock in the morning of the first lunar month, under the guidance of the music played by the military band, the ancient town of Pingyao, Pingyao County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, came to the yingxunmen by 420 people from the town of Gutao street patrol performance team.”Beef and corn!Every family comes to celebrate!”In the line of performers, the team of grocers shouted hard.The “authentic” performance attracted tourists to stop and watch, and many enthusiastic tourists followed the performance team through the old city south Street, Yamen Street, West Street and other places.Compared with the excitement of the performance team, the hanfu parade team looks very quiet.Dressed in Hanfu, holding folding fans and wearing bells, girls with long sleeves waltz through the ancient city, becoming a beautiful scene.From the 29th day of the 12th lunar month to the 16th day of the 1st lunar month, pingyao ancient Town holds the activity of “Our Festival · Spring Festival — Pingyao Chinese New Year”. All scenic spots in the ancient city are open to the public for free, and 23 New Year’s customs activities with pingyao local characteristics are staged in turn, attracting tourists from south to north to stroll around the ancient city and enjoy the Atmosphere of Chinese New Year.Walk into yingxun Gate, climb the ancient city wall, and walk along The South Street…Tourists follow the most popular tourist routes to start a New Year’s tour in the ancient city.Looking down from the ancient city wall, the “God of Wealth” full of enthusiasm makes tourists stop again.”The god of wealth to the god of wealth, the god of wealth to everyone to send ingot.How about giving everyone a big ingot today?”In front of the gate of the city god’s temple, the smiling “god of wealth” will be a symbol of good luck and good fortune “gold ingot” to the hands of tourists.”Through these activities, which are rich in traditional Chinese cultural elements, chenghuang Temple allows visitors to learn about pingyao’s history, traditional culture and folk culture.”Pingyao City God temple temple of wealth management department explained director Wang Cailing said.”Arrow, hook, draw, aim…”In the Museum of the First Biaoju in North China, visitors experience archery activities between one move and one style, and review the culture of sticking to darts and fighting for justice.As the country’s first comprehensive exhibition of biaoju history and culture museum in North China, during the Spring Festival, launched a series of fun activities such as shooting target, wearing ancient costume push darts car, so that tourists in the experience of biaoju hard and not easy at the same time, a deeper understanding of Shanxi business culture.Near the Lantern Festival, the ancient city of Heaven auspicious museum, a series of lantern riddles hanging on the wall, attracting visitors have stopped to guess.At 10 a.m. every day, 20 sets of lantern riddles are displayed every two hours at the Tianjixiang Museum, so that visitors can experience the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival in advance.Enjoy the custom, taste the food.Located in the ancient city of the South street of the East Lake vinegar workshop, vinegar fragrance, from time to time, tourists experience the fermentation of old vinegar raking, buy a pot of dumplings vinegar as a gift to send relatives to send friends;At the adjoining Pingyao beef store, a small piece of independently packaged Pingyao beef is a hot seller.”Many people come to our shop specifically to buy beef.”As soon as the door opened in the morning, the shop assistant was busy without stop, selling beef while explaining the history of Pingyao beef to the guests seriously and patiently.With a history of 2,800 years, Pingyao city, together with Langzhong City in Sichuan province, Lijiang City in Yunnan Province and Huizhou City in Anhui Province, is regarded as one of the “Four great ancient cities in China” and “the most complete ancient town in China”.Since 2000, Pingyao Ancient City began to launch “Pingyao Chinese Year” activities, ancient city walls, ancient houses, strong traditional festival culture and customs, attracting tourists from all over the world.This year for more than half a month “pingyao China year” activities, “county too ye yingbin” was launched. “which shows” “ZouBiao features such as performance,” “intangible paper-cut” string “book” cultural activities such as “hanfu culture”, and “writing draft sending ingots” “drink porridge, blessing bag” in common activities, such as to fully demonstrate the culture of folk customs, customs, years.During the Spring Festival holiday, the ancient city of Pingyao saw 346,300 visitors.The ancient city of Pingyao is full of spring.Li Jianbin, reporter of Guangming Daily (February 11, 2022 edition 02)