The evil forces “directed” a play, false lawsuit entrepreneurs overnight “back” 5.8 million debt

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“Hello, I’m the prosecutor of Changsha Kaifu District Procuratorate. Now I’m making a return visit on the false lawsuit between you and Dong Mou Jie. Would you please tell me whether your work and life have returned to normal?””Now I’m all right.Thanks to your help in initiating supervision, I finally put my mind at rest after seven years of suspense.Thank you so much!”January 24, received false lawsuit case return call, private entrepreneur Deng’s answer is full of gratitude.In 2014, deng, a shareholder of a private enterprise in Changsha’s Kaifu District, suddenly received a summons from the court, saying he was involved in a civil dispute.To the court inquiry just know, acquaintance Dong mou Jie’s wife Wu Mou Fang with chapter mou, Printed some yuan did not repay due debt on the grounds of prosecution, at the same time asked to sign a guarantee agreement deng Mou assume joint and several guarantee liability, indemnity amount up to 5.8 million yuan.Deng ran a company in Guangzhou that was investing in a tungsten mine and needed a lot of money when she was hit by a bolt from the blue.The plaintiff submitted the loan agreement to the court, guarantee agreement, fund payment voucher and other evidence, although in the trial deng mou to guarantee agreement is not my signature application for identification, but did not submit a written application and deal with the payment procedures in the legal period, failed to start the identification procedure.The final court determined that Deng had to assume joint and several liability for four civil loan dispute cases (total 5.8 million yuan) with all his personal property in accordance with the guarantee agreement.In the process, the plaintiff applied for property preservation, deng’s 50% equity stake, house, car, bank deposits and the tungsten mine invested by the company were all frozen or sealed.Because of the existence of the key evidence guarantee agreement, Deng’s rights protection ended in failure every time, and many lawyers shook their heads helplessly after understanding her current situation.In 2021, the Kaifu District Procuratorate implemented the no.5 procuratorial suggestion of the Procuratorial Procuratorate and focused the special rectification of false litigation on the field of false litigation in cases involving Mafia and evil, eliminating the “sequela” caused by Mafia and evil forces with the power of civil procuratorial supervision.Inventory process, Deng mou’s lawsuit case appears in dong Mou Jie’s false lawsuit criminal file.The fourth Procuratorial Department promptly launched an investigation into the case.Through referring to the criminal files of Dong Mou Jie and other people’s cases, and communication with the criminal prosecutors and the parties, the prosecutor determined that Dong Mou Jie and other people’s behavior is involved in evil “routine loan” crime.In order to build a solid evidence base, the prosecutor in charge made a list of supplementary evidence to the public security organ through the criminal prosecution department, and the public security organ took investigative means to lock and consolidate the criminal facts and evidence of Dong’s alleged false lawsuit.After obtaining evidence, it was found that between 2012 and 2019, Dong mou Jie illegally lent money at high interest in the name of his wife Wu Mou Fang, and attempted to illegally possess the property of the victim Deng and others through false litigation means, seriously obstructing the judicial order.Dong Mujie at the same time, instigated others to collect debts through violence, many times the implementation of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, illegal invasion of the residence and other evil forces illegal and criminal activities, for non evil, oppressing people, disrupt economic and social life order, resulting in a bad social impact.After investigation and verification, it can be confirmed that Dong Mou Jie in August 2014, concealing the guarantee agreement to Deng mou with personal property for the fact of the 4 debt guarantee, cheating Deng mou signed on the guarantee agreement, and through prosecution, deng Mou bear 5.8 million yuan of debt.The court sentenced Dong to 12 years in prison in September 2020 for committing false lawsuits.”I have full confidence in the business environment of Kaifu District.” The supervision of criminal proceedings came to an end, but Deng’s violated civil rights and interests have not been properly protected.Prosecutors argued that they needed to ensure that the law was applied accurately before recommending that the court rehear the case.To this end, kaifu District Procuratorate has organized expert arguments and hearings, listened to the judgment of 7 civil experts in Hunan province on the application of the case law, in-depth understanding of the people’s Congress, the CPPCC, the people’s supervision of the case to start the retrial of the social effect evaluation.After being fully recognized by all sectors of society, on February 7, 2021, the People’s Procuratorate of Kaifu District issued four procuratorial suggestions for retrial to the Court of Kaifu District, believing that the four cases were false lawsuits and that there was new evidence enough to overturn the relevant civil judgments of the Court, suggesting the court to retrial.The court accepted all the opinions of the procuratorial organs and ordered a retrial of the four cases on 27 April 2021.On December 13, 2021, the court made a revised judgment, canceling the original judgment requiring Deng mou to assume joint and several guarantee liability.”Thanks to the prosecution’s help, I am now confident about the business environment in Gabok,” Deng said in a telephone interview.Since 2021, Kaifu District Procuratorate has made unremitting efforts to constantly innovate on false civil litigation, and established several opinions on the Establishment of joint Working Mechanism of false litigation by Changsha Kaifu District People’s Procuratorate, Changsha Kaifu District People’s Court, Changsha Kaifu Branch of Public Security Bureau and Changsha Kaifu District Justice Bureau.The working Methods of The Civil and Administrative Expert Advisory Committee of the People’s Procuratorate of Changsha Kaifu District of Hunan Province (Trial) and the Working Methods of The Internal Organs of the People’s Procuratorate of Changsha Kaifu District on The Transfer of False Clues are auxiliary long-term mechanism systems, which further identify false lawsuits accurately and optimize the business environment.