The intangible Cultural Heritage of “Spring Walking grassroots” is closer to you and me

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For days, shandan Spring Festival series of activities actively, through diverse activities form, transfer the blessing of the New Year to every corner, further enhance the traditional festivals of mass cultural activities, universality and appeal, appeal, enhance cultural confidence and cultural sense, create a happy and peaceful, festive holiday atmosphere of civilization, unity and harmony.During the Spring Festival, various works of art with the theme of “tiger” were unveiled.Zhou Yumei, who is good at paper cutting, also cut “tiger” to welcome the Spring Festival.Zhou Yumei of inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage: this small tiger looks more exaggerated, lovely, there is a fat baby above, the ear of wheat and corn in the hand, the performance of grain abundance……This year, Zhou yumei also created three categories of paper cutting, straw painting, pyrograph more than 200 “tiger” series of works.It took two hours to finish the pyrograph titled “Sleeping tiger”.Zhou Yumei, provincial inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, said: “This piece of art is called the Tiger Lying in the Blessed Land. I wish you all good health, good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.This Spring Festival, the reporter walked into Zhou Yumei arts and crafts studio, all kinds of paper-cuts, soldering, straw paintings and other artistic works lifelike, lifelike.Zhou Yumei has been fond of fine arts since she was a child. With the development of society and her in-depth research on paper-cutting, soldering painting, straw painting and other arts, Zhou Yumei’s creative materials are becoming more and more abundant.Zhou Yumei, provincial inheritor of intangible cultural Heritage: Now that the country is getting better and better, I wanted to incorporate various regional elements into my works to express my love for the motherland.(Shandan media reporter Wu Peng wu Yuli) Editor: Yao Jiali Responsible editor: Shi Jing Review: Yang Jiangang