The woman shouted her boyfriend’s name and replied: “My boyfriend joked that he would eat the pig next year.

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This article was transferred from;A video of a woman calling her boyfriend’s name into a pigsty in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, has gone viral.On the morning of March 3, Ms. Jiang told jimei news reporters that she was just playing around, but did not expect the pig really responded. Her boyfriend was by her side at the time, and she and her boyfriend felt very funny.Footage from the scene showed a woman Shouting “Gao Zhiwei” into the pen, and a pig immediately poked its head out of the pen and lay on the door, grunting and squealing.After the video was uploaded to social media, many netizens joked, “Pig: AFTER all, I bear everything.”A number of netizens also left the names of their friends, asking the video maker to help record a video.”I heard that when it was time for dinner, the pig would come out, so I thought I’d try my boyfriend’s name.”On the morning of March 3, Ms. Jiang, who works in Beijing, told jimu News that she went to her boyfriend’s house in Wulanchab, Inner Mongolia, for the first time before the Spring Festival. She tried to call her boyfriend’s name to the pigsty, but did not expect the pig to come out.”My boyfriend joked that he planned to eat the pig next year.”Ms Jiang said her boyfriend was there when she called the pig’s name, and they both thought it was funny.Later, she called out the names of the other friends, and the pig responded, but not quite as quickly.