Three poems by Gao Yu

2022-06-08 0 By

Looking for A “I lost myself.” I said to myself.On the New Year’s Day of 2022 in Longchang New Village, poetic friends Chang Qing, Daheng, Daishan fisherman, Fengzhu and I, who came from far away, sat around the tea table. We were drinking tea and talking about romantic anecdotes in the poetry world. It was the first day of the New Year and the sun was warm.Life is lush, the man named Gao Yu seems to be still in the whirlpool, struggling to catch the man, hesitating and slow, no pole…It is impossible for one me to bring down the mountain and the other me to stand up the water, but think about it, it is always possible. Just like one me now, standing at the starting line of the 2022 New Year, Huhu, giving birth to another me,Still immersed in 2021 stuck in a cow’s horn and refused to come out.On New Year’s Day 2022, I said to myself, “Sometimes I really hate myself, helpless and confused…”I said to my visiting poetic friends — Chang Qing, Daheng, Fengzhu and Daishan Fisherman.The ideal insect has been reduced to a meatball by life.Sometimes a large scale or two was pulled out of it, sometimes a shiny scale or two was pulled out of it, sometimes a hard bone or two.In Beixi, a mountain village named Longjing helped the middle-aged man named Jinzhou drill holes from the body to search for a way out of the soul