Wang Shuang: real world sober film, hope to support women’s football is not to satirize men’s football

2022-06-08 0 By

Beijing (CNS) — China overcame a 2-0 deficit to win the Women’s Asian Cup in The 93rd minute to win the title of the Asian Cup.Can say, this champion, to be in the trough of Chinese football brought great encouragement!Many fans in the joy at the same time, but also did not forget to ridicule the Chinese men’s football team, the same Chinese, the same football, look at the men’s football team, Vietnam can lose, I wonder who will lose next time?The women’s soccer team came from 2-0 down to South Korea in the final after trailing Japan in the semifinals, pulling back twice and winning a penalty shootout.Many fans have joked that the Chinese men’s football team, with the highest salary in China, has become the most despised team in the country!But in this case, The Chinese women’s football girl Wang Shuang is brave voice, known as the world sober piece.Wang shuang said: “When you support women’s football, it is no longer to satirize men’s football.When you support us, not only in the national team, but also in the clubs, and give them meaning to play, then we Chinese women’s football will be really strong in the future.”Wang Shuang’s words, clearly expressed the following aspects of meaning: the first point: Chinese women’s football is Chinese women’s football, not the shadow of men’s football!I hope people really care about women’s football, instead of being picked on to make fun of men’s football after they play a good game.Second point: focus on Chinese women’s football, not just the national team!We still have a lot of women playing football in our clubs and we need to pay attention to them. Women’s football salaries are so low that many players don’t even earn one percent of what men’s football players earn.Third point: Chinese women’s football is not as strong as people think, there is still a long way to go.When we played against Japan in the semifinal, we could say that the whole game, The Chinese team was completely behind, the ball control rate, the Japanese team is more than twice the Chinese team, we only 7 shots, while the Japanese team has as many as 20 shots!Although the Chinese team finally won the championship, it was not how strong we were, we relied more on a fighting spirit and tactical changes under the guidance of Shui Qingxia, plus a little bit of luck!Of course, now The Chinese women’s football team finally won the Asian Cup again after 16 years, we hope that the Chinese women’s football team can continue to carry forward our fighting spirit in the next match and complete one miracle after another.As for Wang Shuang said, hope to support the women’s football team is not to mock the men’s football team, this, we can do it, only pay attention to the women’s football team, the men’s football team, let him go, can not lose to the weaker team than Vietnam?For more exciting content, follow Yang Ge ping Pong