Book the New Year’s Eve dinner, the six points for attention please note

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On January 28, the reporter learns from guiyang yunyan district market regulatory authority, as the Spring Festival approaching, “eve” booking also entered the peak, in order to ensure the food and beverage service of food safety during the Spring Festival, people eat safe ensure jurisdiction “dinner”, recently, the bureau measures and more “family reunion dinner” food safety supervision work.Check the license of catering enterprise.Scene: carry on the eve of the unit 78 declaration for the record rate of one hundred percent in the special inspection, the agency law enforcement comprehensive clear continues the family reunion dinner catering units within its jurisdiction, and carries on the register put on record, to visit the kitchen sanitation, food processing, tableware cleaning and disinfection, etc., and review the “family reunion dinner” recipe and food safety related emergency plans.In view of the non-standard food processing operation found in the inspection, the site requires the responsible person to make rectification immediately and feedback the rectification to the local supervision bureau.At the same time, in accordance with the principle of “no event if it is not necessary” and “whoever hosts the event will be responsible for it”, the government urged catering units providing meals for the New Year’s Eve dinner to take the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, implement the record system, strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control work, and do a good job in the ventilation and disinfection of restaurants.During the action, the bureau of law enforcement personnel to continue to strengthen large catering units, New Year’s Eve meal units and other key units of food safety supervision and inspection.Focus on the inspection of refined oil, meat products, cold chain food, condiments, food additives and wine products procurement management and food storage and processing, tableware disinfection, health status of employees, etc.The bureau of law enforcement personnel to implement the food and beverage unit supervisor system, the establishment of special (and) staff, take responsibility, further standardize the food and beverage service business behavior;Food service providers were urged to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, scanning codes, taking body temperature and real-name registration.Up to now, the special action a total of 148 law enforcement personnel, supervision and inspection units 134 times, the investigation to the area of the total undertake New Year’s Eve dinner unit 78, the declaration of the New Year’s Eve dinner unit 78, the declaration of the record rate of 100%.Tips: Six items to pay attention to the New Year’s Eve dinner reservation combined with the actual area, yunyan District Market Supervision Administration also sorted out for consumers involved in the New Year’s Eve dinner reservation six precautions: epidemic prevention and control to pay attention to.The current situation of the epidemic is still very serious. In order to effectively prevent the clustering of the epidemic, it is recommended to limit the number of people at family private gatherings to less than 10, take good personal protection, wash hands and disinfect the toilet before and after meals, eat separately and use chopsticks, and people with symptoms such as cough and fever should not attend and seek medical treatment in time.Choose a hotel rationally.When consumer chooses a hotel, want to shop around three, do more consideration from price, environment, service, meal and so on respect, rational consumption, choose good reputation, certificate is complete, hardware establishment and hygienic condition better businessman.If you need to order the New Year’s Eve dinner from the network platform, it is best to go to the field to see if the online propaganda is consistent with the actual situation and then purchase.”Set”, “set” two words to distinguish.After choosing a specific hotel, it is suggested that consumers sign a written agreement with the hotel in advance, retain the evidence such as good booking agreement or contract, receipt, invoice, and must see clearly the agreed terms of the agreement or contract, to avoid the difference between a word and a loss.Get the details right.New Year’s Eve dinner is generally fixed set meals, when choosing meals, do not be confused by fancy dishes, try to make clear the name of each dish, content, specifications and prices and specific charges, to avoid unnecessary disputes due to poor communication, at the same time pay attention to meat and vegetable collocation, nutrition balance.Saving grain must be done.When selecting the New Year’s Eve dinner, we should do what we can. We should order meals according to the number of people eating to avoid waste. When eating, we should do the cd-rom action and try to choose the remaining meals to take home.Pay your bills carefully.After consumption ends, consumer should check consumption bill seriously, the place that has objection to bill is put forward in time, pay again after confirming without error, ask for reservation consumption proof, once occurrence problem, convenient safeguard oneself lawful rights and interests.Here, yunyan District Market Supervision Administration reminds consumers once again, if your legitimate rights and interests are infringed, please keep the relevant consumption vouchers, timely call 12315, 12345 to complain.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Chen Long editor Xiao Yang editor Zhao Hongbin Zhang Chuanbao