Chengjiashan Village, Fuliang County, Jingdezhen: new development of the red homeland, down-to-earth and dare to do better spring

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In the evening of January 24th, the door rang “crackling” sound of firecrackers, cheng Jiashan villagers have entered ye ancestral hall, to participate in the jiangxi daily jiangxi Business media and Jji red hotpot jointly organized by the “pot reunion banquet · Talk bumper harvest year” the 7th station activities.Ye ancestral hall, fuliang county is the key cultural relic protection units, but also the anhui Jiangxi Red Army quilt factory site.It is not only a place for chengjia villagers to worship their ancestors, but also a resting place for the elderly and an amusement park for children.This ancestral hall bearing the red history is still standing like a monument in Chengjiashan Village, witnessing the new life and new changes of the villagers.Chengjiashan village is located in the southwest of Xingtian Township, covered by bamboo forests and crossed by a stream.Plain white wall of green tile, planted a vegetable vegetable.Stepping by the rain wet road, through the bridge water people, as if in paradise.There are 296 households and 1,175 people in the village.Chengjiashan village is rich in cultural and ecological resources.There are provincial cultural relic protection units, Anhui – Jiangxi border area Soviet government site group.In June 2019, Chengjiashan Longyuan Natural Village was rated as the fifth batch of “Chinese Traditional Villages”.In December 2019, Chengjiashan Village was named “National Forest Village”.The ancient Yip ancestral hall is full of New Year atmosphere.Freshly pasted Spring Festival couplets, children frolicking on the patio, and fragrant red hot pot.With the boiling of the hot pot, the feast began.Shi Chunmin, secretary of the Party Committee of Xingtian Township, Zhang Yulin, vice chairman of the People’s Congress of Xingtian Township, ye Zhengqing, secretary of Chengjia Village, and others raised their glasses to greet the villagers and congratulate them on the New Year.”2020 will be the final year in our fight against poverty, and 2021 will be the start year for rural revitalization.Over the past year, chengjiashan village has changed a lot.Museums, monuments and martyrs’ graves have been well renovated, and chengjiashan village, in particular, is increasingly rich in industry.People’s lives are getting better and better.”(Xingtian township Party secretary Shi Chunmin) Zhang Yulin recorded the lively scene of the reunion dinner with a mobile phone, she said: “Thanks to jiangxi daily Ganshang media, hand in hand season red hot pot, came to our Xingtian township Cheng Jia shan village.Tonight, we should eat the hot pot, the reunion words, the happiness rinse good!”(Zhang Yulin, vice chairman of xingtian Township People’s Congress) Jiji Red hot pot for the villagers to prepare the hot oil red pot, and refreshing soup white pot.Children who can’t eat spicy food like ham sausage cooked in white pot.Ye Qingfeng, the 19th generation inheritor of ye family tree, an intangible cultural heritage, also came to the event and tasted seasonal red hot pot.Wu Linghua, a resident of Chengjiashan village, is dressed fashionfully in a pink down jacket, gold earrings and a gold necklace.”I’m not from Chengjiashan, I was married,” she said. “When I first got married, the roads were not easy.The roads are better and cleaner now than before.””I returned to my hometown to start my own business and opened a restaurant in my village.When we do catering, the first thing we care about is whether the food materials are clean.I came to see these ingredients, ji Ji Red hot pot, placed very neatly, on the enterprise’s impression is very good.Among these dishes, my favorite is egg dumpling.We also have delicious pickles and rice wine, which has won the honor of intangible cultural heritage. Welcome to Chengjiashan Village to taste it.”In the interview, Ye Zhengqing, secretary of Chengjiashan Village, described the changes in the village: “Chengjiashan Village is designated by Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to help the village. Thanks for the strong support from leaders of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.For the elderly in the village, we also set up a canteen for love, providing free lunch every day.We have access to national Highway S302, and we have built roads in every village.”(Chengjiashan Village road) Regarding the current development of Chengjiashan Village, Ye Zhengqing sincerely introduced that he was a native of Chengjiashan Village and had deep feelings and understanding of the development of the village. At present, the villagers are still mainly engaged in farming or migrant work. “Since chengjiashan Village Committee has no collective assets,All the income comes from the economic assistance of the township Party Committee and government headquarters and the assistance and support of various departments, the development and construction is very limited.This year, our village declared industrial projects and infrastructure construction for 2022.Because we are a key village in the 14th five-year plan, the annual help fund is not less than 1 million yuan, which will be used for industrial development and solving the urgent needs of the masses.”Talking about the future development of Chengjiashan village, Ye Zhengqing is very interested.Taking advantage of the activity, he took reporters to the gate of the Ye ancestral Hall.Pointing not far away, Ye zhengqing told reporters: “There is going to be a water plant there, and it is still under construction.Our village has clear water and abundant resources.Township Party committee and government, the poverty alleviation industry project mineral water factory, arranged in our village Longyuan natural village.It will be put into production this year and is expected to bring 200,000 yuan of collective economic income to our village every year.”Ye zhengqing looked at the bamboo forest near the ancestral temple and said, bamboo shoots, poles and leaves can all be used.What bamboo fiber towel, bamboo charcoal products, are deeply processed products with bamboo as raw materials, high economic value.Hearing that bamboo products are developing very well now, we also went to Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places to study and observe.However, although chengjiashan village has many bamboo forests, it is relatively scattered and small in scale, so it is relatively weak in attracting investment and technology.If we can get policy, economic and technological support, the bamboo industry in our village can be a good project to increase villagers’ income.”Back at the reunion dinner, Ye zhengqing’s family served vegetables fried for the villagers.”Vegetables grown in our village are fresh and sweet without seasoning,” ye said while inviting everyone to taste vegetables from home.Next, we are ready to rely on the villagers’ economic cooperatives to develop the village collective economy.Drive villagers to plant pollution-free vegetables, unified vegetable planting, fertilizer.Unified planning to achieve pollution-free vegetables standards, large-scale planting, unified purchase and sale of village committees, access to the market, to increase people’s income.We are also working on the plan to build agricultural products exhibition and sales center. When the time comes, logistics and transportation, especially cold chain transportation, can solve the problems of high quality vegetables in our village, but they can not be sold, and transportation is difficult.”(a vegetable field next to cheng’s village house) The village cadre in front of me is down-to-earth and bold, adapting measures to local conditions.When imagining the future of Chengjiashan village, every sentence takes the happiness and wealth of the villagers as the priority.People believe that this picture of a prosperous industry, ecological livable, civilized, effective governance, rich life of the new rural blueprint, will eventually be these grassroots cadres, step by step, rubbings on the hot land of Chengjiashan village.(Cheng Jiashan village secretary Ye Zhengqing) at the end of the banquet, Season red pot operation manager Gao Ying to Cheng Jiashan village folks address: “very happy, season red pot as a local food brand in Jiangxi, can walk into the red homeland cheng Jiashan village, and everyone into together.”Gao Ying told reporters: “I am from Kunming, Yunnan province. I joined the company in December 2008 and it has been 13 years now.In order to give back to consumers, let more people know our Jijihong, know our Jiangxi flavor hot pot.It is also our great honor to hold the reunion dinner together with Jiangxi Business Media, a daily newspaper in Jiangxi province.At present, we have 249 stores, the most important layout is in Nanchang and Ganzhou, as well as hunan, Yunnan, Guangxi and other provincial capital cities, we also have layout into.I hope to bring jiangxi flavor to consumers all over the country.”(Gao Ying, operation manager of Jiji Red hot pot) After the banquet, the night gradually deepens, and the bright moon shines evenly on every passer-by.The activity of “A pot of Reunion dinner, Talk about a bumper harvest year” has also been carried out half way.A journey, a story.Although we only met briefly, what we have left behind are the changes and achievements that have taken place in rural revitalization, the down-to-earth attitude of the cadres, and the simple smiles of the villagers who are getting better and better. Now, I have more concerns and more expectations.