Chongqing business Environment Innovation Pilot Implementation Plan was released

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At the press conference.Hualong network – new Chongqing client reporter Ge Yu photo at 15:50 on January 27 (Zhao Yingzhu) Today (27), Chongqing held the “Chongqing Business environment Innovation pilot Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “implementation plan”) interpretation press conference.According to the “Implementation Plan”, after three to five years of innovation pilot, Chongqing’s business environment has become one of the world’s top international competitiveness.Government governance efficiency and improved, on a global scale agglomeration and configuration markedly enhance its capability of all kinds of resources, market main body activity and the development of quality significantly improved, marketization, first built under the rule of law, international first-class business environment, forming a series of institutional innovations can copy can promote, make important demonstration for the national business environment construction.The 10 reform measures directly respond to market participants’ expectations for October 2021. The State Council issued the Opinions on Piloting Business Environment Innovation, specifying that piloting business environment innovation will be carried out in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.As a representative of the pilot business environment innovation in the central and western regions, Chongqing is not only a great opportunity to catch up with the international advanced level of policy pilot, but also an important task to implement the strategy of chengdu-Chongqing twin cities economic circle and build a new highland of reform and opening up.The Implementation Plan introduces a number of targeted, pragmatic and high-value reform measures in 10 areas, which directly respond to the expectations of market entities, directly serve the development of the industry, and directly help the economy and people’s livelihood.First, we will further remove unreasonable restrictions such as regional division and local protection.Second, we will improve more open, transparent, standardized and efficient mechanisms for market entities to enter and exit the market.Third, we will continue to make investment and construction more convenient.Fourth, we will better support the innovative development of market entities.Fifth, we will continue to improve cross-border trade facilitation.Sixth, we will improve management of foreign investment and international talent services.Seventh, maintain fair competition order.Eighth, we will further innovate and improve oversight.Ninth, we will protect the property rights and legitimate rights and interests of various market entities in accordance with the law.Tenth, we will optimize regular enterprise-related services.At the press conference, Li Jianping, deputy director of Chongqing Development and Reform Commission, introduced the three characteristics of the implementation plan.The Implementation Plan actively explores ways to innovate government management and services and reduce government-imposed transaction costs, aiming to remove institutional barriers that hinder market entities from investing and doing business.For example, we will establish a market access evaluation system, monitor and evaluate the implementation of market access policies on a regular basis, improve the mechanism for enterprises to respond to complaints about hidden obstacles and barriers, and work to resolve the problems of “glass doors” and “swing doors”.The Implementation Plan aims to promote institutional openness in rules, regulations, management and standards, and provide a solid guarantee for improving the level of international development.For example: actively explore the establishment of international professional qualification certificate recognition list system, enhance the enthusiasm of international talents to work in Chongqing.The construction of a one-stop diversified dispute resolution center integrating litigation, mediation and arbitration of international commercial disputes is expected to facilitate the handling of more than 800 related commercial dispute cases every year.From the perspective of market players, the Implementation Plan puts forward a number of practical and effective reform measures that are responsive to general concerns and are of high value.For example: for enterprises registered through the “One Net” platform in the start-up process, it can save 1-2 days for each enterprise to handle changes.The reform of integrating multiple taxes into one declaration will reduce the number of forms to be filled in by 60 percent and the number of data items by 30 percent.Li jianping said that the government has adopted a wall map approach to pilot innovation projects for the business environment, not only issuing an overall plan, but also formulating a special work plan for each reform item, establishing a “1+N” implementation plan system, and pushing forward with a list of items.We will elaborate reform measures.We will actively solicit support from relevant ministries and commissions of the State, specify specific work plans for reform items item by item, clarify targets and tasks, scope of implementation, work measures, supervision measures and division of responsibilities, and form a roadmap and timetable for advancing the work.We will strengthen categorization.For the reform items with comparative advantages of the city, focus on taking the lead in forming pilot results;Further explore the features and highlights of the reform issues promoted synchronously in each pilot city;When it comes to reform items that need to strengthen areas of weakness, we should align ourselves with the experience and practices of advanced regions and keep them on the same level as other regions.Grasp the landing implementation.We will strengthen coordination among urban areas, strengthen professional guidance and training, further improve policy implementation capacity, and ensure that all reform measures are effective.We will continue to use the satisfaction of market entities as the criterion for testing policy implementation and its effects, speed up the development of practical cases, and sum up reform experience.We will strengthen oversight over matters.We will improve chain-wide regulatory measures, strictly implement regulatory responsibilities, improve risk assessment, early warning, prevention and control mechanisms, and strengthen cross-departmental and cross-regional information sharing, regulatory coordination, and risk management cooperation, so as to ensure that both delegating power and delegating power are integrated and risks are under control.We will carry out rolling trials.We will set up a research reserve mechanism for reform issues, continue to focus on the concerns of market entities, comprehensively review the difficulties, bottlenecks and pain points in improving the business environment, put forward reform issues that require authorization or support from the national level on a regular basis, and strive for greater autonomy of local governments in reform.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)