Help both parties move on with their lives

2022-06-09 0 By

“I hope you both learn a lesson from this and start your lives fresh today…”Recently, in Hubei Province Yangxin County procuratorate prosecutor Chen Ling, fuchi town sha village committee representatives and lawyers on both sides of the witness, a suspected intentional injury case of the victim Wang Mou Kun, received the defendant Wang Mou Song family paid 430,000 yuan compensation.October 25, 2020, Wang Mou Kun ride in a motor vehicle and Wang Mou Song driving a motor vehicle scratch, two people had an altercation.The confrontation escalated, with Wang first slapping him twice and then falling to the ground after he was punched in the eye, injuring his head.It was assessed as second-degree serious injury.Wang was taken to hospital for treatment.Wang Mou Kun as the main pillar of the family, the occurrence of this case let his family into a dilemma.The case was transferred to yangxin County Procuratorate for review and prosecution.Undertake the prosecutor in the process of interrogation of Wang Mou Song, timely informed of the litigation rights and obligations and the relevant provisions of the guilty plea leniency system, the prosecutor seriously review the evidence of the case that the facts are clear, sufficient evidence, should be investigated for the crime of intentional injury its criminal responsibility.At the same time, Wang Mou Song took the initiative to plead guilty, repeatedly expressed remorse, and expressed willingness to make economic compensation for the victim.In view of the criminal suspect’s mild subjective malice and good attitude of confession, after the criminal suspect appealed, the handling prosecutor immediately told his family that under the mediation of the local village committee and lawyers of both sides, both sides basically reached an agreement on the compensation requirements.In order to effectively resolve social conflicts and answer legal questions related to the case face to face, on January 13, 2022, upon the application of both parties, Chen Ling, the prosecutor in charge of the case, witnessed the mediation between the two parties.At the mediation site, Chen Ling carefully listened to the opinions of both parties and gave detailed answers to the disputed issues in accordance with the legal provisions to resolve concerns.After the interpretation of the prosecutor’s reasoning, the two sides finally reached an agreement, Wang Expressed remorse, Wang and his family also expressed understanding to Wang.Finally, the procuratorial organ made a review of the necessity of detention for Wang Mou Song, issued a proposal to the court to change the compulsory measures for the defendant, and the court adopted the suggestion of the procuratorial organ and suspended wang Mou Song.(Source: Procuratorial Daily)