Huang Zongying: after 18 days of marriage and becoming a widow, she walked into marriage 3 times and won a lifetime achievement award?

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“How many loved your beauty, false or true, but I loved your pious soul, and the wrinkles on your old face.”Yeats’s lines have touched countless people.The Legendary Chinese woman Huang Zongying is such a great woman worthy of respect, remembrance and love.She is a famous drama actress and writer in China, who has made great contributions to the development of Chinese art industry.In life, Huang Zongying also lived to be the most envied appearance of all women.She went through four marriages in her life, and even in her old age she obeyed her own wishes and never failed her time.In 2020, Ms. Huang Zongying passed away forever. When we remember her, we also admire her courage and learn from her tenacity.So, huang Zongying has what kind of emotional experience?What did she accomplish in her life?Huang Zongying was born in an ordinary family in Beijing, her life is very dull but also very happy.But the good times did not last long. At the age of 9, Huang zongying’s father died of illness, leaving her mother to live a difficult life with her children.Because of her love for her mother, a kind-hearted relative offered to let huang zongying’s family go to them.In this big family, Huang zongying was lucky enough to get a good education, read and even watch drama and listen to music.It was not easy in those days.Influenced by art, young Huang Zongying fell in love with drama.Since then, her dream of becoming a drama actress has taken root in her heart. She often performs for herself at home, and she can recite the lines of many classic dramas by heart.At the age of 15, Huang moved to Shanghai and began performing while studying drama.Huang Zongying’s teacher is famous drama master Huang Zuolin, he appreciates this strong and clever little girl very much, invested a lot of effort on her.With excellent performance, the young Huang zongying gradually made a name for herself in Shanghai.At this time, love also quietly.In the process of a performance, Huang Zongying got to know guo Yuantong, the music conductor in the troupe. The two people are old and rare, and have common interests and hobbies, so they naturally hit it off.The young Huang soon fell in love and married Guo yuantong at the age of 17.At that time Huang Zongying is so love Guo Yuantong, many nights, she again and again in the moonlight to recall and Guo Yuantong everything, fantasy and he grow old together, happy together.On the day of the wedding, Huang Zongying got up early and dressed up carefully.However, Guo Yuantong was very abnormal, his face pale, very weak, and even many times to stand up to their failure.Looking at Guo Yuantong so painful appearance, Huang Zongying was anxious to cry out, but the wedding immediately began, she had to help her husband all the way through the wedding.Make her more unexpected is, Guo Yuantong from the wedding after the disease out of control, lying in bed all day, a lot of times a day and she can not say a word.On the 18th day of his marriage, Guo yuantong suffered a heart attack and died forever.In this way, 17-year-old Huang Zongying became a widow.In her life originally the most beautiful in the age of this change, ordinary people are unbearable, but Huang Zongying has behaved very strong.After the death of her husband, an actor and writer, Huang chung-ying decided to focus more on her work.With her beautiful looks and clever acting skills, Huang quickly became a sought-after actress.Some people say that a good actor must be sensitive, love reading people.Indeed, only by experiencing the various aspects of life can we give each character a soul.Huang zongying also does not forget to grow and enrich herself with knowledge in her work.One day, Huang zongying suddenly had an idea that many of her stories were hidden in her heart but no one told them. Why not write them out?You can look back when you’re old.Huang Zongying is a strong executive, said to do, she insisted on writing every day, but also contributed to the major publications.Line by line, line by line, Huang Zongying is such an excellent person.At first, she just wanted to write her own story, but unexpectedly, her excellent writing and unique female perspective were noticed by the editor. Her essay “Cold Window Walking pen” was successfully published, and her script was also filmed and widely praised.While developing her career, Huang zongying did not forget her own life.While in the troupe, she fell in love with Cheng Shuyao and married him, but it turns out she was wrong about him as a suitable partner.Unhappy in her marriage, Huang zongying had the idea of divorce, although many people opposed it, and it was absolutely unacceptable for women to divorce at that time.But Huang Zongying’s personal consciousness is extremely strong, she is absolutely not willing to bind herself for the eyes of the world.In this way, Huang zongying decided to divorce, soon, she fell in love with the actor Zhao Dan, married again.Zhao Dan not only looks good, but also respects women and his wife’s career development.Huang zongying was very happy with Zhao Dan for more than thirty years.In 1980, Zhao Dan died.Although the heart is very sad, but this did not stop Huang Zongying continue to move forward.Her article “Wild goose love” and so on has been loved by many people.Although she did not receive systematic training, her own rich experience gave Her abundant inspiration to write touching words.In his later years, Huang Zongying devoted all his energy to literary creation, writing books, creating books, reading books and attending exhibitions.After the death of her fourth husband due to illness, Huang zongying continued to write without care.Later, Huang zongying’s personal collection was published, which recorded the life of this legendary woman in detail and attracted many readers who loved her.In 2019, Huang zongying was awarded the Shanghai Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to drama art and literature, which is a recognition of her great achievements in life.Huang Zongying’s life is worthy of our respect, even in the low point of life, she did not get depressed;Even in love, she did not lose herself, which was the root cause of her success.For more exciting content, come to the orange Entertainment