It’s too late for Lang Ping to regret retirement!CAI Bin abandoned 2 lang Ping love disciples, women’s volleyball roster announced

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It’s too late for Lang Ping to regret retirement!Has abandoned two lang ping, women’s volleyball team squad announced the Chinese women’s volleyball team has won, said many people are not trust has, has and lang ping are repeat offenders, and the cause of the lang quit the national team for the first time that year, until now also is a mystery, the LangPingShui your body reason, but there are also commonly known as insiders said, lang ping in those days may be received,It is because Lang Ping is too good, afraid of teaching ability too strong, Lang Ping created a great career, the subsequent coach is difficult to have a good day, but this is all speculation, the real reason nobody knows.In fact, Lang Ping himself up to now, also not willing to mention the reason of retirement, and now Lang Ping retired is not regret it?To know lang ping, the value of 2 big core, announced after the list, and now is a person all have no, this month’s training list everyone found that twila and Zhang Changning is excluded, and the camp if absent, so basically means that may be facing retired, so what is going on?First twila, as you know, due to a wrist injury problems, when lang ping, said twila must undergo surgery as soon as possible, but why for half a year, twila seems like it’s all right, took part in many interview end, has been claimed that there is something wrong with the wrist, but has not surgery, probably the problem is that if the little twila volleyball, if retired,Then there’s no need for surgery because it doesn’t affect your life.If continue to play the game, you will need to surgery, and if like play, twila certainly early surgery, therefore twila retirement rumors that is been around for a long time, this did not enter training name list, is also uncertain, but twila officer xuan news recently, on February 11th twila surgery will travel to the United States Houston, recovery is at least five to eight months,And the second is Zhang Changning, we all know, Zhang Changning knee injury problem is more serious.And Zhang Changning retired things is also very hot, recently Zhang Changning also attended the ceremony of CAI Bin head coach, and is with a wedding ring, it is said that Zhang Changning may retire, with their own fame, operating several companies, certainly much higher than playing volleyball income, so how do we look at this problem?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!