Remember the hero with the brush in your hand

2022-06-09 0 By news: In the revolutionary war era, countless revolutionary martyrs, with their lives and fearless defense of national dignity.However, many of them did not even leave a photo for their descendants, which has become the regret of many relatives of the martyrs.Today’s “I want to find you — looking for relatives for martyrs” series program tells the story of a painting team composed of teachers and students of Zhejiang University of Media and social volunteers for the portrait of 100 martyrs.On the eve of Tomb-sweeping Day, the volunteers of the charity activity “Portrait of 100 Martyrs” received a request for help from a martyr’s family.Zhu Lizhen, reporter of Qianjiang Evening News, a volunteer of the charity activity “Portrait of 100 martyrs” : The family members are more urgent. Fan Zhengming is the only martyr who died in their village, and they (family members) have never seen him.Wu Xiaofeng, a teacher from Zhejiang Media University and participant in the public welfare activity “Portrait of 100 Martyrs”, said: “In just a few days, we will help the bereaved family realize their dream and help him rush out.This time it was the family of Fan Zhengming, a martyr who died in 1949. Due to limited information, the family had to use the words in his memoir to portray fan’s image.Until last year, they found a black and white photo of Fan zhengming’s blurred figure from a veteran soldier in the New Fourth Army.Wu Xiaofeng, a teacher at Zhejiang Media University and participant in the charity activity “Portrait of 100 Martyrs” : I want to make sure he is based on the general outline.Although the martyr did not see, but he through the search, found a centenarian in Shanghai grandma Yu, she and martyr is comrades-in-arms at that time.After we finished the draft, we showed it to Grandma Yu.Fan Zhengming martyr’s family member Fan Longfei: yu old mother, hello, hello.Please see if this photo (portrait) looks like it.New fourth Army veteran Yu Mingfei: like, like.Fan Zhengming martyr’s family member Fan Longfei: yu old mother, you are really our benefactor, really is very grateful to you.After perfect, framed, before qingming Festival, Fan Longfei got fan Zhengming martyr portrait.The “gathering” across time and space benefited from the public welfare action of “Portrait of 100 martyrs”.One of the participants, Wu Xiaofeng, a teacher at Zhejiang University of Media and Communication, told reporters that ye Qinghua, the widow of Meng Xiangbin, was the original initiator of the campaign.She came up with the desire to paint portraits of martyrs when she helped the families of martyrs find their relatives and found that many of them had no photos left after their deaths.Ye Qinghua, the initiator of the “Portrait of 100 Martyrs” public welfare activity, said: “They may wait for a lifetime, look forward to a lifetime, read a lifetime, may not be able to find their loved ones’ graves, but I think a portrait of the home, the hero really home.In March 2021, with the efforts of various parties, the “Portrait of 100 Martyrs” public welfare campaign was launched in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.Zhejiang University of Media and Communication quickly set up a volunteer team to paint portraits of martyrs. What impressed Wu is the first work he created with his students.”Portrait for 100 martyrs” public welfare activity participant Zhejiang Media college teacher Wu Xiaofeng: his family is Chen Hezhen aunt, her father died in the war against the United States aid Korea.She was only 2 years old when her father died, and she always thought she wanted to meet her father, but she didn’t have the condition. She told her aunt, who was in her 90s, that her father and daughter looked very similar. Therefore, when we completed this portrait, we referred to Aunt Chen’s facial features.After modification and improvement over and over again, Chen Hezhen received his father Chen Zhonggen martyr portrait.It was the first “meeting” between father and daughter after more than 70 years. It was more like a precious “reunion”.Chen Zhonggen martyr’s daughter Chen Hezhen: I said dad you went home, every day to see you, your daughter every day to see you, you have gone home, I said so.This public action has infected many people.More than 100 teachers and students and professional painters from more than ten colleges and universities in China, including China Academy of Art and Shaanxi Normal University, have joined the group.Shen Yuxuan, a student of Zhejiang University of Media and Communication, who participated in the public welfare activity “Portrait of 100 Martyrs”, said: “This period of history, as every Chinese, must be remembered and cannot be forgotten.”Portrait of 100 Martyrs” public welfare activity participant, Zhejiang Media College teacher Wu Xiaofeng: we hope to honor the martyrs of the action, by our professional present more full, since we started this activity, we have the obligation to always help victims in need to realize their dreams.Teacher Wu Xiaofeng told reporters that behind each portrait is a heroic story, a continuous family, but also the youth of the new era to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs.So far, his team has completed 120 portraits, and next they hope to create an exhibition to let more people know the history and remember what the heroes looked like.As more and more volunteers join, he firmly believes that more and more martyrs will realize the “reunion” with their loved ones through the paintbrush in their hands.Source: