“Strict” in anqing to strengthen the “imported” epidemic prevention and control network

2022-06-09 0 By

Transportation is an important part of the epidemic prevention and control strategy of preventing imported cases and spreading cases at home.The reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Transport that Anqing city carefully deployed the transportation link of epidemic prevention and control work, woven tightly tightly “imported” prevention and control network, resolutely guard the gate of Anqing.Overland inspection.Since March 11, all vehicles must be checked at expressway toll stations, and exit channels within and outside the province have been set up for “two-code” inspection. In addition to providing nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours, all people from or returning from outside the province are required to take nucleic acid test on site.Free nucleic acid testing sites have been set up on seven national highways including G206 and seven provincial highways including S231, which are connected with other cities. All people from outside the province and those from cities in medium-high risk areas within the province will be checked for nucleic acid sampling.Nucleic acid testing points will be set up on rural roads according to traffic conditions.Waterways are strictly controlled.Starting from March 11, Dongmen Ferry, Ximen ferry, no. 9 ferry pier, Xinzhou Township Nanmu ferry, Wangjiang Mopan ferry, Longtan ferry, Susong Taokou ferry, Gushan ferry, Huizou ferry and other nine crossings that are running within the territory and connect with the outside city, set up nucleic acid sampling points.Port operation units shall control the staff and crew on board, disinfect the outer packaging of goods before loading, unloading, and handling, equip all personnel involved in dock loading, unloading and port operations with protective equipment, and disinfect the loading and unloading equipment, port (dock) facilities and vessels involved in operations after completion of operations.Nucleic acid tests should be carried out on foreign ships landing at Anqing Port.Station strictly controlled.Airports, railway stations and other passenger terminals will set up “arrival screening area”, “nucleic acid testing area”, “observation room” and other areas, post “two code”, and send more evacuation force and thermometer and other equipment.The frequency of disinfection and ventilation of passenger terminals, wharves and transport vehicles shall be strictly implemented, and the requirements for temperature measurement, health code examination, nucleic acid testing of non-provincial personnel, protection and health monitoring of employees, wearing of masks by passengers and handover of people with fever shall be strictly implemented.The line is strictly observed.During the epidemic period, Anqing city strengthened the record management of chartered buses at provincial and municipal levels, and suspended the record business of chartered buses in medium-high risk areas of departure, destination or stopover.Strictly implement passenger real-name management, strictly control passenger load rate;Cross-city services of four city buses (Express Line 1, Express Line 6, G1 line and Route 25 bridge line) were suspended.Strictly prevent import.Insist with the characters, further strengthen the cold-chain food imports and the cold chain of container transport logistics enterprises vehicle disinfection and a line of personnel safety protection, to carry out the information registration system, actively cooperate with relevant departments of the sampling, nucleic acid detection, customs clearance, inspection, environmental sanitizers, emergency prevention and control requirements, may not undertake the could not provide a source of imported food cold chain,We will firmly control imports and ensure that the bottom line is met.(All media reporter Xu Yuan correspondent Hua Congfa) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn