A guy in Jilin ordered a roasted silkworm pupa and found it shaking its head

2022-06-10 0 By

In jilin changchun, some time ago, a man ordered a grilled cicada pupa video let netizen in distress situation, video display, guy and friends in the barbecue shop eat barbecue, during the guy just ordered a cicada pupa, that guy ready to pick up food, cicada pupa in crazy shook his head, unexpectedly guy looking at the front sight surprised me, the boss shouted immediately come over,The boss’s explanation made him laugh and cry.Man said, it is greedy ordered a cicada to pupae, then the table after I found still moving, I shouted to the boss see an eye, and the boss is coming later just know wrong, roast cicada pupa has not baked, then store the guest is more, all of a sudden carelessness to mixed up, and finally the boss and apologized, feel nothing is quite strange.Netizens are abuzz about it:”The boss is a real man, with what is really fresh, cold winter to find cicadas living pupa, the boss and it’s really not easy” to “see the peristalsis creepy-crawlies panic, let alone continue to eat it, feeling really didn’t have the courage, quite curious about how people eat the” “special barbecue flavor, most of the dining cars inside the north,To the south I have hardly seen, the in the mind is really quite miss, feel special sweet “in my opinion, cicada pupa this thing if you don’t see it, believe that many people can eat, just see still later, can eat less, or there will be a shadow when eating, but this thing in the north’s fire, many people like to eat this,They cost more than big wings.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.