For both men and women over the age of 65, if they can still do the following five things, they are in good physical condition

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Since ancient times, people in the pursuit of immortality, but until now no one can die not old, related research data shows that: the average life expectancy in the Chinese compared with several decades ago there has been a significant increase, and in modern life, a 65 – year – old old people don’t look at all old, middle-aged people still like their 40 s and 50 s, a healthy body.# # and healthy New Year in 65 – year – old retired elderly, began a colorful old life, to the 65 – year – old body is very healthy, some old people aged more than 65, but it leads to the old, think your body is still strong, can’t calculate the elderly, so after the 65 – year – old men who can be called?01, the elderly “age division standard” has been announced: over this age, is an old man!According to the announcement of the authority, the division of the elderly standard, specific as follows: 1, between 18~42 years old, this age is young.2. Between 43 and 59, this age group is middle-aged.3. Between 60 and 72 years old, this age group is the elderly.4. Between 73 and 92 years old, this age group is the elderly.5. Longevity is defined as people over 93 years old.This age division is very easy to understand, as you can see, as long as a person over the age of 60, you can be called old people, you can compare to see, which age group you are.However, this age division does not apply to everyone, although some people have reached the standard of the elderly, but still very good health, health is even better than some young people, if the elderly can do the following things after the age of 65, they are still in good health.If you are over the age of 65, you should still do the following 5 things, or say you are in good physical condition: 1. Get quality Sleep Sleep is something that people should do every day. Sleep takes up one third of their life time, so getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy body.Making the most of sleep allows the brain and body to rest and adjust.Life can be found in many older people sleep quality serious decline after the age of 60, shallow sleep, deep sleep time, to wake up many times a night, and often 3:00 ~ 5:00 in the morning wake up, lack of quality sleep can affect the health of the body is very big, can make the memory of the elderly decreased gradually, at the same time increase the risk of alzheimer’s disease,People over the age of 65 May want to know whether they are in good health by looking at their sleep quality.In real life, the quality of sleep can be measured by the following criteria :(1) fall asleep fast, fall asleep in about 10 minutes.(2) Sleep is deep, breathing is deep and not easy to wake up.(3) No or rarely get up at night, no dream phenomenon, soon forget the dream after waking up.(4) Get up fast and wake up fresh in the morning.(5) Clear mind during the day, high work efficiency, not sleepy.2, defecation function normal young people busy sedentary, plus like to eat greasy, spicy stimulate food, is obsessed with constipation, and the elderly is constipation of high-risk groups, regular home so the dew, probiotics, such as favorable opening filling Yu Run bowel aperient medicines, it is because they are obsessed with constipation.Constipation, though it’s nothing serious, but it is one thing very grueling, meaning is strong, but no matter how long does it take to successful eduction of excrement and urine, a day to several trips to the bathroom also cannot smoothly defecate, if after a 65 – year – old still running smoothly defecate, specify our digestive system is healthy, if at the end of the 65 – year – old is often beset with constipation,So in addition to taking drugs to adjust, but also should adjust eating habits, tobacco and alcohol have quit early, adjust the diet structure, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, but also drink more water.3, flexible ability to the elderly and postmenopausal women most likely to develop joint diseases, such as osteoporosis, postmenopausal women is as the estrogen level in rapid decline, leading to loss of calcium faster, bone develop osteoporosis, and old people suffer from osteoporosis is caused by the body’s metabolism reducing calcium loss,In this state, bone health problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis are likely to occur.Have osteoporosis seniors if at ordinary times carelessly fall down or hit from the outside world, it is easy to cause fracture, after a 65 – year – old old people if the foot is very flexible, and able to keep a suitable amount of exercise every day, so that physical quality is good, if you can persist for a long time, may have the potential of longevity.4, reasonable diet food is the most important people, a healthy and reasonable way of eating is an important premise to maintain health, as the saying goes that disease comes from the mouth, the emergence of many diseases are caused by the mouth can not shut up, unhealthy eating habits, such as high blood sugar, high blood lipids and other common chronic metabolic diseases.If the elderly want to maintain good health, they must eat a light diet with less oil and salt, and stay away from food with high oil and sugar, which can reduce the pressure and burden on blood vessels and the heart. After 65 years old, the elderly have a reasonable diet and a strong appetite, indicating that their physical fitness is good.5, insist on exercise at six or seven o ‘clock in the morning and eight or nine o ‘clock at night, you can see a lot of middle-aged and elderly people walking in the park or community downstairs, square dancing, some in the whip, tai chi to exercise.At the age of 60, most of them have retired and have enough entertainment time. Instead of sitting and lying at home every day, they might as well exercise outside, breathe fresh air and participate in collective activities and communicate with others.The ability to exercise every day after age 65 is also a weight measure of a person’s physical fitness.1, “Baihui acupoint” Baihui acupoint is also known as changshou acupoint, located at the top of the head, do a horizontal line in the two earlobes and do a longitudinal line before and after the head, the intersection position of the two contact, that is, in the center of the head.Regular massage of Baihui point is good for the cardiovascular system, can promote the circulation of blood in the blood vessels of the brain, has a good effect on the improvement of head pain caused by headache, dizziness and cerebral infarction, and can also relieve the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and forgetfulness.2, “Yongquan point” Yongquan point in our sole, in the front of the foot depression at the second, third toe and heel of the first 1/3 of the line.The plantar is also known as the second heart, regular massage is good for our kidneys, can promote the blood circulation of the kidney, help discharge excess garbage and toxins in the body, stabilize blood pressure, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, regulate cholesterol levels in the body, so as to improve blood pressure.In short no matter how old are you, you should pay attention to preserve one’s health, when you come to the end, never regret, especially male friends, don’t waste your money when I was younger, at ordinary times, you must pay attention to keep healthy, before sleeping to soak the foot, eat more nutritious food, appropriate exercise, improve physical quality, improve the quality of life in old age.