Cross-border e-commerce export Customs supervision warehouse Fuqing Xin Yang Warehouse achieved a “good start”

2022-06-11 0 By

Reporters learned yesterday that as the first cross-border e-commerce export customs supervision warehouse after the approval of fuzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, Fuqing Xin Yangcang supply chain Management Co., Ltd. in the first quarter of exports reached 940 million yuan, 270 million yuan more than the same period last year, to achieve a “good start”.Located in Jiangyin Port, Fuqing Xinyang Warehouse will be opened in April 2020, taking full advantage of cross-border e-commerce policies issued by the state and the city to expand investment, introduce high-quality export e-commerce enterprises at home and abroad, and sell Made in China and Made in Fujian to the world. In 2021, the export volume will reach 2.58 billion yuan.(Reporter Zhang Tieguo, correspondent Gao Xingquan) (Fuzhou Daily)