Judge record: the man disappeared for 40 years to come back and his mother to fight for demolition money, a thunderbolt from a clear day in court

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A man in Fujian province who has not been seen for 40 years is now fighting with his 90-year-old mother for demolition money.On April 1, the People’s Court daily revealed details of the case in detail.Chen Qianmei, the judge handling the case, said her heart was very heavy when dealing with the case.The old man was an octogenarian and struggled to speak. His son held the evidence in his hand and refused to budge.Looking at the opposite mother and child, she is very distressed.Chen Qian Mei wants to resolve the contradiction between two people, then decided to suspend the trial.According to the plaintiff Chen Lin (pseudonym), his first wife died in 1976 after they had a son.Later, Chen Lin built a house in Gulei Town, Zhangpu County, which was left to his mother and son after he and his father went out to work.In 2013, without Chen Lin’s consent, the old man forged a power of attorney and received the demolition fee.Chen Lin said that after he asked his mother for the demolition fee, he was asked to sign a property division agreement with his son.His son received 418,000 yuan of the demolition money, while he received only 135,000 yuan.In 2015, relevant departments issued a second round of compensation.Chen said he later discovered that his mother and brother had taken more than 549,000 yuan in compensation and sued her, his son and brother, as well as the authorities, hoping to get the money back.However, she said that although the house was registered under Chen Lin’s name, it was actually built by her and her husband.Chen Lin’s first wife died and left the area, leaving her and her newborn grandson alone.She also said that during the 40 years she raised her grandson, Chen Lin was never seen and she could not even remember his face.Now, Chen Lin will Sue her to the court, which makes her very cold.Later, the old man questioned Chen Lin, saying that the house and land were not his own, and although the government had registered it first, where was Chen Lin when his grandson was in full cry and she was sick in bed.According to the judge Chen Qian Mei recalled, on the day of the trial, someone told her that the old man had been in bed for a month, but learned that today’s trial, insisted on helping her to the court.Chen Qian Mei wrote in the case notes, at that time, the window suddenly began to rain, a bolt from the blue.Someone pointed at Chen Lin and shouted, “There are gods when you lift your head three feet. Isn’t he afraid of being struck by lightning?”Chen’s son also said angrily that his grandmother had told him that the demolition money would be left to him, and that it was his grandmother who took care of him for the past 40 years.Now, grandma is sick in bed, he hopes father can accompany grandma in bed for a month, call her “mom”.Chen qianmei told Chen Lin that what he deserved most was not a verdict or a demolition fee, but to make amends for his mother’s debt.Chen was silent for a long time. Finally, his expression relaxed, he apologized for his behavior and agreed to accept mediation.Eventually, the old man returned 70,000 yuan to Chen Lin as compensation, Chen Lin gave up other claims, and the case ended.Part of the material is compiled from people’s Court Daily, Jiupai News, and official micro editor of Fujian High Court: Li Yang