The first lesson of the new semester: fortunately, you, or I would be a trick!

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The best thing you can do when you are cheated is to have someone to help you when you are about to be cheated.Recently, Hangzhou metro public security sub-bureau xiasha Jiangbin station police station successfully prevent the occurrence of a telecom fraud case, timely stop loss for the masses.At 16:00 on February 16, Xiasha Jiangbin station police station Hezhuang Road station police fu Weili patrol found a young woman anxiously answering the phone, kept pacing in the station hall.Fu police officer thought the woman encountered an urgent matter, in the forward to ask if you need help, suddenly heard the woman said to the other end of the phone: “APP I download good, ID card and bank card number information inside, advance money I turn over for a while.”Pay the police officer is aware of its may encounter electricity cheat, quickly show the identity to stop: “can’t turn, I am the police”, hint its may encounter telecom fraud, in further view call each other after the number, that this is very likely to be the telecom fraud that is being implemented!Officer Fu shouted into the microphone, “I’m a policeman, you came to cheat me!”The other end of the line immediately hung up.The woman, surnamed Li, is a high school student.Li told Fu that she was looking for a part-time job during the holiday, so she searched the Internet for “part-time job” and saw the words “part-time job brushing, substantial commission, rebate day” popped up, so she registered her personal information on the website.The customer service of the website called her and asked her to download the part-time APP and complete the registration and further improvement of information as prompted. After a series of steps, she could start taking orders and doing tasks.However, it is necessary to advance the funds to the designated bank account, and then return the corresponding principal and commission to the APP after operation according to the specified process.A few fraudulent routines come down, xiao Li is convinced to complete a series of operations, on the difference of money.Fu police officer scene explained the brush single fraud routine and similar cases, Xiao Li suddenly realized: “fortunately you, or I will be caught!”This is a typical brush single type of telecom fraud case, fortunately, fu police officer at the critical moment “rushed” out, timely dissuasion, so that xiao Li did not suffer property losses.