The leadership enters the household to warm the hearts of the people auspicious snow Spring Festival

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Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, is the traditional Chinese New Year festival.Li Xiang Zhang Kebing, secretary of municipal party committee of municipal party committee general secretary, municipal committee, the district party committee secretary XiaoQingKang, district party committee, deputy secretary of the district government li-pin chang a line to we town Leng du home village to visit and condolences whole, leave the village cadres and workers to get rich, send them a festival greeting and New Year wishes for holidays with them.Zhang Kebing and his delegation first went to the home of Yuan Shifu, a veteran Party member, and inquired in detail about the health and living conditions of the veteran party member and whether he had any practical difficulties that needed to be solved, and offered him sympathy money.”Secretary Zhang, my body is very good, four generations of one family, this year’s New Year children and grandchildren are at home, I would like to thank the Communist Party, only the Communist Party of China always thinking about the masses, and the masses always one heart”, the old man with simple words expressed excited, grateful mood.Zhang Kebing ensigns the old person to want to pay attention to the body, maintain good mood, give advice to the matter of village more, take the lead to develop party member vanguard model effect.Later, Zhang Kebing and his delegation went to the home of du Guolin, a retired village cadre, and asked him in detail about his life after leaving office, and offered condolence money.Du Guolin said that although he does not hold the post of village cadres now, but the size of the village is still very concerned about, will continue to support the work of the village, the development of the village.Zhang Kebing told him to continue to support the affairs of the village in the future, to young village cadres to raise more points, more guidance, give full play to spare heat, to care about the various undertakings of the village as when in office.Finally, Zhang Kebing and his party came to the home of Du Shedai, the leader in making money from work, and inquired in detail about his experience of making money from work.Du said, “In the past, the income was not high because of working at home all the year round. Now, I have mastered certain professional skills and the salary is guaranteed. The family has built a new building, and a group of young people in the village go out to work together.”Migrant work is an important way for us to get rich,” said Zhang kebing. “We should organize more villagers to work in rural areas during the slack season so that their income can be guaranteed.” He also urged talented families like them to play a leading role in helping everyone become rich and prosperous.Great cold season ruixue floating, frost to cold not cold.Condolences over, Zhang Kebing and his party came to the cultural square, then came to see off the villagers have stood the whole square.We have expressed very moved and grateful, in the snow have the first day of the New Year leaders and the masses together for the New Year, fully demonstrates the cadre group of one heart, a deep love side.Zhang kebing talked with the villagers and wished them a happy New Year, good luck and a happy family.It’s a good year. It’s a good year.Finally, Zhang kebing shook hands with the villagers one by one.