Brunello Cucinelli spring/Summer 2022, balance of moderation, simple beauty more fun

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Brunello Cucinelli’s clothes have a large number of simple solid colors, adding a lot of simplicity to the clothes, but also a loose silhouette of leisure and comfort, bringing a sense of balance.Simple clothes also more highlights the temperament and vitality, more add a bit of elegant fashion, but also some of the sexy, some of the details, there is no lack of fun, more interesting fashion.The white color of the light color adds more simplicity and elegance to the clothes. In the wearing of these clothes, the short jacket elongates the lower body proportion under the shorter length. The effect of the waist line is displayed at the same time, but also more visual to show the length of legs.In the wearing of these clothes, some slight differences in color, contrast and difference in color will form more impact with these white colors, which adds more contrast to the wearing of clothes and adds some fashion sense to the clothes in contrast.These light colors in addition to white, some other colors are also more fresh and simple, light brown color, light color dark green and so on, the appearance of these colors, for the clothing added more fresh and elegant temperament;There is also the appearance of loose profile, and these leisure sports elements, the sense of modeling lantern sleeve, smart shirt elements, thin gauze fabrics and so on, add more characteristics and temperament sense of vitality for light-colored clothing.Luster elements add some luxury trend in clothing, but also more bright spot of luster fashion;In these clothes, the pure color of dark color adds more luster to the smooth suit fabric, making the dark color more fashionable. In the collocation, the contrast between color and fabric texture is formed between the white color and the inner color, which adds a more distinct sense of layering in the contrast.And these beaded shiny pieces of clothing, inner match and light color department suit suit, for the dry suit to increase the tide style;Still have on these skirt outfit, have the appearance of these design feeling such as open lower place, languid is lazy to drop shoulder more, add many fashionable breath for wear.The color that a few green fastens added contracted and temperamental feeling more with the color of pure color;With these lime green is not so bright green green color, in the color of some less publicity and tension, more is the low-key color and steady vitality temperament;These color is on the different dress such as jacket unlined upper garment, open fork skirt outfit, the glamour temperament that cannot cover its oneself shows, more pure and fresh and elegant on the dress that lets these designs.The color of red is mainly pure color, which shows its bright and warm without reservation, and also more simple temperament, among which the loose clothing profile also increases some loose leisure fashion;In the collocation, in addition to the contrast of texture between different fabrics, more is the collocation of white and other colors of some light colors, increasing the contrast of some colors, increasing the eye-catching highlights for wearing, but also reducing the drab red color.These clothes are more simple in color. Brown color, loose silhouette, and some dark green color appear. In the slight contrast effect between colors, more simple and fashion sense is added.What is more is the contrast of texture between different fabrics. The appearance of bright texture and smooth gloss fabrics adds highlights in wearing.These clothes add more fashion and trend quality to wear with the bejewelled sequins;Fasten in aureate, argent fasten under the colour that these metallic colour fastens, much the low-key luxury of a few metallic colour, also have the burnish feeling that more fabrics adds, also have more advanced and tide fan in costly;When we combine these pearlescent luster fabrics with suits, jackets, dresses and other styles, we also feel more luster charm.Administrative levels feeling of wearing a pure color color is given priority to, the pure color, simple black and white color, the color such as black, and comparison between different fabric texture texture and so on, shirt inside build, vests and jackets, etc. This kind of collocation, make a suit in the spell able and agile, and more administrative levels feeling of the show.At Brunello Cucinelli SPRING/Summer 2022, there was more simplicity in solid colors, some balance and moderation in fashion, beauty and fun.Well, that’s the end of our conversation.