Continued downturn!Harden made 3 of 12 shots, Embiid scored 30+10, and Sika beat the 76ers 37+11+12

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Beijing time on April 8, the NBA ushered in the two eastern conference teams in direct talks.The Philadelphia 76ers went to the Toronto Raptors and both teams won early in the game, with the 76ers beating the Hornets, Cavs and Pacers, while the Raptors beat the Hawks 118-108.Currently, the Sixers are fourth in the Eastern Conference, while the Raptors are fifth.The game could be a preview of a first-round playoff meeting between the two teams.At the beginning of the game, the away 76ers in Harden’s conduction, the first effort.They went on a 17-0 run that forced the Raptors to call a timeout.And then Siakam played the team leader’s advantage, a succession of seven points to help the team stanch the bleeding.After that, the Raptors took advantage of the sixers rotation to continue to close the score, the two teams more intense game.In the second half, the Raptors woke up and continued to fire from the 3-point line.The 76ers, led by Embiid, rallied, but the Raptors beat them in the third quarter.At the end of the quarter, the two sides entered the final battle, Harden contribution fatal error, Siakam is to make up the dunk, the final 76ers away lost to the Raptors.This game, a direct conversation between the top 5 teams in the Eastern Conference, will directly help the winner establish more psychological advantage.Therefore, the importance of this match is self-evident.Embiid played 37 minutes and 20 seconds and had 30 points, 10 rebounds, two assists, a steal and a block, contributing on both ends of the floor.But James Harden, the 76ers’ other leader, was 3-of-12 from the field, 6-of-6 from the free throw line and had 13 points, four rebounds and 15 assists in 39 minutes and 27 seconds.And opposite core player Siakam this game home battle, there are hometown old support to play wind fresh water.Siakam finished with 37 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds in 37 minutes, including four rebounds in the frontcourt.Even on the road, Harden’s performance was disappointing.His positioning and role determine the ceiling of a team, but if Harden is this inefficient with his shots, then it’s even worse than Simmons.Simmons is seven years younger than Harden, and simmons is a great defender who goes from 1 to 5.Let’s be honest, the Sixers have what it takes to win a championship, but the team is always short.Last season it was Simmons who “refused” and was targeted by opponents.They moved simmons partly because he and the team couldn’t reconcile, and partly because the Sixers knew what harden was capable of.But, based on recent performances, Harden’s form is worrisome.Will he prove himself in the playoffs?