Li Jian: Heaven rewards those who work hard

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Li Jian is the director of customer Service Department of Yixian Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Marketing Department).With an indomitable resilience, he spent four years, from a tobacco “boot” grow up to be a head, because of excellent performance, has won the county bureau (marketing) “advanced workers”, the whole city system XianFengGang “members”, “top ten youth” system in the city, the provincial system marketing job skills competition “top ten individual” and other honorary title,Selected into the province’s system “cigarette marketing talent pool”, was employed as the province’s system marketing sequence “provincial part-time internal trainer”.He works hard at his own post with dedication and tenacity, making positive contributions to the high-quality development of the company.After graduating from graduate school in 2014, Li Jian joined Huangshan Tobacco.At the beginning of his work, he successively studied and exercised in comprehensive, exclusive and marketing positions in Xiuning County Bureau (Marketing Department).In the two years of Hugh ning tobacco, he not only squatted, visited the transfer of accounts, climbing grid, accounts are also not words, colleagues gave him a nickname “universal construction”.In December 2016, due to his excellent performance, Li jian took a management position and became the deputy director of the customer service Department of yixian County Bureau (Marketing Department).Yixian county is a typical tourist market, the market is small, outstanding features, around the tourism market, rural terminal and brand cultivation, li county marketing combined with working practice, has written the “rural tourism market development of a preliminary study, based on the analysis of” four dimensions “strategy” on the tobacco innovative tobacco cultivation analysis and thinking of “huangshan” countryside terminal,What should we build?A number of work thinking papers have been paid attention to and recognized by leaders and colleagues.As the backbone of marketing business, he has participated in the municipal Bureau (Company) “Huangshan Municipal Bureau (Company) Characteristic Tourism Terminal Construction”, “Brand Cultivation Mechanism Based on market segmentation”, “Construction of high-quality operation control System” and other innovative projects and research, played an important role in project promotion and achievement.Learning is the ladder of progress.Li Jian’s diligent learning and good thinking in his student days have accumulated the source of growth in his work and gradually showed his edge.In his spare time, he not only studied on professional knowledge and skills, but also passed the qualification examination of junior accountant and Intermediate Economist.Due to his outstanding learning ability, Li Jian has participated in the provincial marketing skills competition on behalf of the municipal Bureau (company) for 4 times in the past 7 years.The process of preparing for the competition was hard and bitter, but Li jian believes that “if you put your heart into it, it will come true.”Marketing skills competition is difficult, high pressure, in order to stand out in the provincial competition like a cloud of experts, we must constantly consolidate and strengthen, not only to continue to “discharge”, but also to continue to “charge”, to accumulate energy, ready to go.Therefore, Li Jian studied hard, gave up countless holidays, countless time to accompany his family and children, in the vast ocean of knowledge, forgetting to eat and sleep.The dense notes, the bundles of written refills, the blisters on his fingers and the starlight at 3 am are the best evidence of his hard work.Never forget, there will be echoes.Li Jian has participated in provincial competitions on behalf of Huangshan Tobacco for four times and won the honorary title of “Top ten Individuals” in the provincial system for three times.Through hard work, he quickly grew from a marketing “little white” to a business “expert” in just 7 years, realizing a growth butterfly change in his life.A single flower does not make a spring.At the same time of his own growth, Li Jian did not forget to play the role of “mentoring”, leading the whole team to progress together.As the “leader goose” of the team, he always sets an example, takes the enterprise as his home and is responsible.In the customer service department, there are fewer people and more things to do. Li Jian pays attention to team strength and leads team members to brainstorm in the evening to discuss and solve various “difficult and miscellaneous diseases”.Over the years, the marketing team led by Li Jian has been awarded the city’s “winning team” for many consecutive years.With solid skills and rigorous work style, Li Jian was assigned to participate in the proposition work of the marketing skills competition for customer managers in the province in 2018. He has accumulated rich experience and applied it to the skills training of marketing staff in the unit.In the “micro class”, he not only teaches skills appraisal test skills, but also carefully sorts out the real questions and core test points over the years to help colleagues quickly master knowledge points.In addition, Li Jian pays attention to his own growth experience to inspire young colleagues around him to learn, think and write more.Over the years, Yixian County Bureau (Marketing Department) has won the third prize of Excellent academic paper of Anhui Province Tobacco Society or above for 3 times, and has published more than 50 propaganda works of secondary media or above, effectively promoting the good image of the enterprise.Li jian has also actively participated in the construction of civilization, poverty alleviation and social help, always fulfilling the clashing oath as a Communist Party member.Bao Jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold.Li jian firmly believes that as long as willing to work hard, hard behind is sweet.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: