The Lakers’ chips are so bad that it’s better to keep their roster stable by changing small roles

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Thousands of mountains and rivers are always feeling, pay attention to a wave of line!Trade rumors have been swirling around the lakers this season, but neither Simmons nor Grant seem to be appealing.I think the leverage issue is keeping the Lakers from making a game-changing trade.While they have the leverage to trade for some quality players, the lakers are better off keeping their roster stable than giving it away.In addition, the Lakers’ big three oF lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook account for $120 million in cap space alone.As a result, the Lakers have had a hard time making deals even in the offseason.The Lakers have very limited assets to trade, not only for players but also for draft picks.From a player standpoint, the lakers have only two players above minimum salary this season besides the big Three, Horton Tucker and Nunn.Horton Tucker will make $9.5 million this season, and Nunn will make $5 million.If the Lakers package Horton Tucker and Nunn, they can trade for a player making around $18 million (125 percent of their combined salary this season).If that player makes $20 million this season, the lakers would need to add another minimum-salary player just to meet the trade’s salary parity.In addition to Horton Tucker, whose trade value has declined, and Nunn, who hasn’t played a game this season, the lakers have one player earning more than $40 million in Westbrook.But in reality, the likelihood of Westbrook leaving the team right now is very low.This season, there are many players whose salaries are basically equal to Westbrook’s, but most of them are not for sale. Take the league’s top 10 paid players this season (except Westbrook and Wall) as an example:Stephen Curry (45.8 million), James Harden (44.3 million), lebron James (41.2 million), Kevin Durant (40.9 million), Paul George (39.3 million), Kawhi Leonard (39.3 million), Antetokounmpo (39.3 million),Damian Lillard (39.3 million), Klay Thompson (38 million), Jimmy Butler (36 million).All 10 of those players could trade for Westbrook alone, but only two of them — James Harden and Damian Lillard — have been rumored to be traded this season.However, the Nets and Blazers are taking their trades very seriously, with the Blazers not even considering giving up Damian Lillard.So, Westbrook really only trade wall, wall is not in the right state to occupy a $40 million salary.So the lakers have a clear choice over Wall and Westbrook.As for the Rockets’ offer to take Westbrook if the Lakers make a bona fide pick offer, I think it’s more of a joke.After all, the Rockets aren’t the losers in the Westbrook/Harden trade.They got a draft pick in the Westbrook trade and made a lot of money in the James Harden trade, and the Nets didn’t win a championship last season and have been Mired in all sorts of things this season.When Rafer said the harden deal wouldn’t be evaluated until 2023, that was a bit of an understatement, and I don’t think the Rockets lost out on the deal.In terms of draft picks, the lakers are also embarrassed.Due to stepin’s clause, the lakers can’t simultaneously send out consecutive first-round picks.In the Davis deal, they gave away a 20, 22, 24 or 25 year first-round pick.The lakers can’t trade their ’26’ first-round pick because they can’t simultaneously send away two consecutive first-round picks.Also, they can give away one of their ’27 or’ 28 first-round picks, but not both.Overall, the impact of the Davis trade is shaping the lakers’ recruiting efforts over the years.Of course, the lakers won a championship immediately after acquiring Davis, and it’s hard to judge whether the trade was worth it or not, which may be the price to pay for a championship.What do the Lakers need?And what do I get for it?What do the Lakers need now?I think that’s a really hard question to answer.With a big three, who do they need to improve the team?Look at coach Tyronn Lue on the other side of the clippers, he’s good, but the Lakers can’t trade Vogel, can they?The Lakers are willing, the Clippers are not.Moreover, the two teams are bitter rivals, and the Lakers even canceled Jerry West’s lifetime ticket because he joined the Clippers.Looking at the lakers’ role players, when the Big Three are already at $120 million, it’s unlikely they’ll get any role players in their off-season years.However, I don’t think role players are the problem either.Carmelo Anthony, at minimum salary, still provides the Lakers with a steady 3-point shot;Bradley also gets a minimum salary, but he can guard the opposing man.The lakers’ role players aren’t that bad, or maybe they’re just as bad at playing together as the Big Three.To put it bluntly, the lakers’ current problem is not one that any one player can change.So breaking up the roster and trading some players isn’t going to make the lakers any better.Second, the lakers have limited leverage.A player of Simmons’ caliber is a no-brainer for the lakers.Eric Gordon is the best they can get with their chips and picks.The lakers have a limited first-round pick, but they can play some tricks.For example, by giving away a ’27 or’ 28 first-round pick and putting a protection on that pick, if the trade doesn’t get one of those first-round picks for three consecutive years, they can get subsequent second-round picks.The lakers have seven tradeable second-round picks, and those second-round picks have trade value.That includes the lakers’ own second-round pick in ’23,’ 25, ’27 and’ 28, as well as the Bulls’ second-round pick in ’23, the inferior second-round pick in’ 24 between the Wizards and Grizzlies, and the Wizards’ second-round pick in ’28.But those picks are only second-round picks, and if they want to get a player like Eric Gordon, one of the hottest players on the market, the lakers will have to pay either a first-round pick or multiple second-round picks.Gordon has one year left on his contract, and if he doesn’t play well with the lakers this season and his off-season trade value drops, it’s a big question mark whether the lakers will be able to complete their roster next season.So, the lakers’ current embarrassment is that they can’t win now or in the future.The lakers now have to dig around with what they have.With no title hope, the lakers are also less attractive to veterans without a title.This season, Dwight Howard, Deandre Jordan, Rondo and other players have not had a good time with the Lakers.So the lakers are in a vicious circle.After acquiring Westbrook, they should be prepared for the team to close all cap space.So Pelinka can’t make bricks without straw.The lakers might be able to get Turner from the Pacers if they send Nunn, Tucker and several draft picks.But are the lakers short of a Turner?Turner, who is shooting 53.1 percent from 3-point range this season, can space the floor, but look at the perimeter shooting of the rest of the Lakers, and look at the inside strength of those championship contenders, and the Lakers’ Lebron James and Westbrook aren’t getting any younger, and they’re not going to be the one-man team they were in their prime.Rather than creating more uncertainty about the future, it would be better to abandon this season and look to the offseason to rediscover roles around the Big Three.Even if they can’t build a championship roster this offseason, they’ll have to plan for when James retires, and those valuable draft picks are what will keep Davis comfortable with the lakers.The lakers will be able to build around Davis after James retires and Westbrook’s contract expires, and those picks will help them acquire star players from other teams.