The name of Wu Mengda’s legacy is framed to bring tears to net friends, nine holes with locomotive accent strength out of the circle

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When it comes to A Chinese Odyssey, the first two that come to mind are Stephen Chow and Wu Mengda.In that film, the two actors made people see a different story of the Journey to the West, and saw the original appearance of the funny comedy.Time has changed, and a year after Duncle’s death, the Internet blockbuster Film the Origin of a Chinese Odyssey was released.Netizens also said they did not expect to see Wu again under such circumstances.When wu Mengda’s name was framed, it caused many netizens to burst into tears.After all, no one can replace Wu mengda in a Chinese Odyssey.Although the Origin of a Chinese Odyssey belongs to the network movie, there are still many shadows of the Chinese Odyssey in general.Both the theme song and the interludes of the play give people the feeling of dreaming back in the old days.In fact, before the release of a Chinese Odyssey, many people could not understand what the film was expressing.The popularity of A Chinese Odyssey has also experienced several years of fermentation before it has the reputation and popularity of the present.The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey has the same meaning.Unlike the previous films, this time Wu mengda and the supreme treasure in the drama are actually father and son.This relationship is interpreted by netizens as the meeting of Wu mengda and Chow in another time and space.After all, chow and Ng wanted to be a father-son couple.This time Wu Mengda plays the father of Zhunbao’s previous life, which is also to complete the expectations of many netizens.And the shadow side is also to the sufficient Wu Mengda lens, let Wu Mengda in the play had enough play addiction.In addition to Wu mengda, classic characters from Stephen Chow’s comedy films such as Yuan Xiangren, Zheng Jifeng and Zhang Mei-e are also featured.Of course, if to the bright spot, then in addition to Uncle, nine holes to join the eyes of a netizen.Most of the netizens’ impression of Nine Kong should still remain in the movie “Crazy Racer” Chen Fala role.In that film, Kukong’s performance as Chen Fala takes bad luck to the extreme.And this time, nine kong as the immortal in his own strength out of the circle.And this strength is actually nine kong accent problem.Because of the region, Jiukong’s Mandarin has a strong flavor of locomotives.So, nine kongyi speak, full screen of net friends in the brush screen “you are very locomotive.”Of course, as for its acting that is not to say, especially from the crying to laughing process, it is more than satirical.Throughout the film, people are immersed in the same atmosphere as when they watched A Chinese Odyssey.No wonder some people say that this film is not a formal farewell to Wu Mengda film?