The overcast and rainy pattern continues, and the temperature will rise slightly from tomorrow

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Today, the weather of the whole province is mainly cloudy to cloudy until 16 o ‘clock today, the highest temperature in the western and northern parts of the province is 9~19℃, and the highest temperature in most other areas is 20~23℃, of which 23.7℃ is the highest and lowest temperature in the northwestern region of the province is 7~11℃, and the southern coastal region is 12~15℃, of which 7.5℃ is the lowest and highest temperature in the provinceMost of the next three days, our province rain patterns continue tomorrow in western province Yin light rain, the northern parts of continuous wet weather makes the low humidity of the air increases visibility friends travel attention with good rain gear driver should pay attention to pay attention to driving safety attention USES the low visibility of the adverse impact of weather on traffic safety aspects in our province tomorrow temperatures picked up a little bit the highest temperature in the north-central region 1South between 6 to 20 ℃ maximum temperature in the 20 to 22 ℃ 29 it is worth noting that the new round of cold air began to affect our province 29 province has dropped since north and south night morning temperatures low in the west, the northern region have local have ice cream or frost friends need to pay attention to the temperature changes in a timely manner to adjust clothes, beware of cold the next three days, the weather forecast this evening to night,Cloudy to cloudy in the province with scattered light rain in the north and south.On The 27th, it will be cloudy to cloudy, with light rain in some parts of western and northern parts of the province.28, the province overcast to cloudy, most areas with light rain.On The 29th, there was light rain in the province, with some light snow or sleet in the high altitude mountainous areas in the northern part of the province, and the temperature dropped significantly.