This Spring Festival, come to liangjiang New Area Lijia wisdom park to see “thousands of miles of rivers and mountains”!

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Raise the red lantern, the New Year is coming.Walking into lijia wisdom Park decorated with lanterns, the thick smell of the New Year comes to you.”Auspicious year of the Tiger” four characters are particularly dazzling, “PUPU Bear” series works are located at the gate, the shape is very cute, the road on both sides of the red lanterns decorate lijia Wisdom Park is particularly beautiful, the whole park Spring Festival atmosphere is full.”Light as a swallow, flying between heaven and earth.Not afraid of the distance, can also spread the word.Grandpa, what kind of animal is this?””Asked the children who played on the wisdom trail.One side of the grandfather was also stumped, did not know how to answer, can only pick up the phone to scan the two-dimensional code to see the answer.”We set up the Spring Festival landscape at the main entrance of the park, and hung red lanterns on both sides of the road and on the tree tops of the landscape. We also put out dozens of lantern riddles on the Wisdom trail and fountain square, so that citizens and visitors can enjoy the traditional Culture of the Spring Festival and experience the fun of interaction through riddles.”Li Jia wisdom park related person in charge.Last year, the smart Expo unveiled “A Day for Smart Life”, creating a “model room” for smart life, allowing people to feel the smart era and share smart life more truly, attracting the attention of many citizens.During the Spring Festival, the park will be closed from January 31 (New Year’s Eve) to February 2 (the second day of the Chinese New Year), and open from February 3 (the third day of the Chinese New Year).During the opening period, lijia Wisdom Park will strictly implement the requirements of “one wearing, two testing and three bright codes” to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.Citizens are required to prepare yukang code, travel code, wear masks, take their temperature and follow the instructions of the staff to enter the venue.”Each visit will take about 30 minutes, and the number of visitors will be strictly limited to 15 people. We also ask citizens to pay attention to the time and line up for the entrance in an orderly manner.”The staff reminds.Winter vacation is coming, “Painting tour of thousands of Miles — the Palace Museum immersed in art exhibition” exhibition hall is more lively.Reporters see the scene, a lot of parents with their children here to take photos, some of the children chasing the wall of the “fish” run, some flying kites…Having fun in the intersection of light and shadow.During the Spring Festival, the Exhibition will open on Feb 4 (the fourth day of the Chinese New Year).”From February 4 to 15 this year, we have specially prepared interesting activities such as’ Cute Tiger in Qianshan ‘and’ Tiger Tiger Alive fun in Qianshan ‘. Citizens participating in the activities will have the opportunity to win the 2022 ‘Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival’ exhibition tickets and other prizes.”Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the exhibition hall, said, “At the same time, we have also prepared many New Year’s cultural and creative products in the ‘Song Chao Polite’ section to bring ‘Qianshan’ home.””If you move a little to your right, you’ll be able to get a better shot of the lantern.”An aunt is directing her wife to take photos, leaving the full atmosphere of the New Year.In front of the big screen of “cutting fruit”, children clap their hands and jump up and down to play with their mothers.When night falls, the bright red lanterns make the smart Park even more charming.Citizens also started a tour to experience the beauty of wisdom Park.The “Atmosphere Group” for the Spring Festival has been launched and the public are welcome to punch in.Upstream news reporter Yang Ye