Wang Yucai: Those delicious foods I had at the army farm

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Army farm life is very hard, the soldiers have to participate in high-intensity production labor, but also to carry out military training, and the mechanization of the farm at that time is very low, ditching, spring sowing and summer planting all rely on manpower to complete.But even though life was so hard, my comrades still found joy in the hardships and made life full of fun.Childhood had learned a text to introduce the North Wilderness, in the article “stick dozen roe deer ladle scoop fish, pheasant fly into the rice pot” vivid description, make me rich around the North Wilderness produced a lot of beautiful daydream.But looking back at the plot of our life on the army farm, there seemed to be a lot of similarities.The farm we are in is located in the Sanmenxia reservoir area, surrounded by dozens of kilometers of reed-grass, boundless, desolate.It is said that there was a female college student from a student company who went to relieve herself in the reeds during a break from work and disappeared because she could not find her way back (along with us were all the college students assigned to Shaanxi from dozens of universities across the country who worked on the farm).It also shows how big the farm is.In order to avoid the repetition of similar incidents, the farm made up for it by setting up an iron tower dozens of meters high in the geographical center, with red flags on it, so that when someone strays astray, it serves as a reference landmark for identifying the direction.In the deep reeds of the farm, there were all kinds of birds in the sky and all kinds of fish and shrimp in the water.Abundant natural resources provide us with delicious food ingredients.I remember it was a sunny Sunday in early summer. A few of us, armed with washbasins and oil and salt seasoning, were going to catch fish in the reeds not far away to improve our lives.As SOON as I got to the side of the reeds, I suddenly found hopping frogs everywhere. I cut a reed with sickle at will and began to whip it in a circle. This circle knocked dozens of frogs unconscious, and several of my comrades also took effect.After a while, he filled a basin.Then, some of us dug pot, some skin cleaning, soon we eat fried frog, very delicious.Perhaps it was because of the scarcity of food, but I felt that it was the best food I had ever eaten in my life.Since then, we have held similar activities in public and private, and invited company commanders and instructors to participate in them.Which is one of the most exaggerated and Li Diangan company commander fishing together, we comrades to drill into the reeds, fishing, digging up the mud in the water and grass roots, the reed heap up pan (basin), touch the fish the fish head directly to the rip, tear after cleaning, conveniently thrown into the pan, now touch freshly Fried, soon began a fresh dinner, comrades stand in the water,Laughter, eating, and soon enough addiction.Not only touch fish and shrimp, more exciting is to touch birds’ eggs.At that time, a deputy company commander named Song Baotian had just been transferred from the 7th Company. He had been a soldier for 65 years and was from Tongxian County, Beijing. He spoke in a Beijing accent, humorous and funny, and often told us some small jokes, which were very popular.He was very greedy. He often asked me to accompany him to touch birds’ eggs in the reeds at night. When he came back, he would cook them and eat them in a kettle of boiling water.Once we picked up nine wild duck eggs and quickly put them in a pot to cook. When we were ready to eat them, we found that the eggs were full of hairy ducklings. I threw them back quickly.But Song vice company commander but happy bad, he told me that this thing is the most delicious and the most nutritious, is a rare good tonic, said while tearing off the duck hair a big stammer up.It was the first time I had ever seen others eat hairy eggs. At the urging of Song Company commander, I picked up a hairy duck egg, stripped the duck hair clean and ate it with difficulty.Decades later, a meeting to Suzhou, just off the train, see an old woman cart selling eggs, colleagues suggested we taste, so each to two, under the guidance of the seller, stained with a good sauce to taste, who knows not to taste do not know, as expected delicious!Everyone ordered two more and had a quick belly.From then on, every time to Suzhou to repeat the old trick, must eat two eggs, but also to buy pushing a car along the street.