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If “luck only favors those who are prepared,” no one is more qualified than Xu mengtao.Article | fenny 31-year-old Xu Mengtao on February 14th night, won the freestyle gold in women’s aerial skier.When the last competitor finished the race, Xu mengtao cried and hugged her. It is believed that xu mengtao could feel her excitement.Xu mengtao’s parents shouted excitedly in front of the TELEVISION as they witnessed their daughter’s victory with friends and family.When Xu Mengtao was 12 years old, she switched from gymnastics to skiing. It is exactly 20 years since this year. Her parents know how much she has suffered.Xu is already a celebrity in her hometown of Anshan, but friends and family still expect her to realize her dream of winning in Beijing.Xu Mengtao, born in 1990, is definitely a veteran of China’s Winter Olympic team.This is her fourth Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao had the ability to win gold in Sochi, but she only won silver in the end, she vowed to win the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, otherwise she will retire, at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, her mentality and skills are adjusted to the best, but still regret.That’s the flip side of the Olympics and competitive sports, especially when it comes to scoring events like skiing.You need to be technically at your best, you need to have good field play, and you need to have good weather on site.And this, with a certain contingency.Xu Mengtao won 27 times the World Cup, is won the most World Cup champion, has won the world championship, no doubt on technology is a world first-class standard, but as if there is a curse, or is it the god to give her a special test, not only tests her technology and the mind, also want to test her patience.Good thing she didn’t give up.Or maybe it was meant for her to win gold in her home country.Xu Mengtao in the Beijing Winter Olympics, more mature than 4 years ago, she has been very calm, it seems that has been “bearish”, but only she knows that kind of firm still in.At that moment, she won the blessing of heaven, the world if there is a block, also retreated in this year of the tiger.If “luck only favors those who are prepared,” no one is more qualified than Xu mengtao.▲ “veteran” Xu Mengtao finally won the Olympic Gold medal.It was at the Beijing Winter Olympics that Xu Mengtao realized the sublimation of her life.In the fateful jump, she scored 108.61, which is a surpass of her own, both difficulty and completion, she did the best.Steady landing of Xu Mengtao, very calm, only after knowing their scores, she was excited, repeatedly confirm, “I am the first?”Perhaps only Xu Mengtao knows that the most difficult thing in life is to overcome and surpass oneself.Twenty-seven World Cup titles, it’s a huge achievement, it’s a huge pressure, the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee doesn’t give you a gold medal just because you’re ‘first’, you still have to go for it.The stronger you were in the past, the harder it is to be in the present.In the ski resort, Xu mengtao’s real “rival” is herself.This is a lonely adventure, but also the most subtle interpretation of the Olympic spirit.It’s unfair that we always expect an athlete to excel, but the best athletes rise to the challenge.In the “very front”, she has no companions, not even “opponents”, but only herself or her own shadow, the enemy known as the “inner demon”.Finally xu mengtao did it, only she knows how hard it was.’I’ll wait until after the Olympics to start my’ life, ‘ ‘Xu said, probably referring to relaxing and enjoying life and wishing her all the best.She may find herself standing at a new starting point, a new self born.A staff writer | fenny (columnist) edit | | Martin charron proofreading LiuBaoQing