Dazhou city held a meeting of public security chiefs

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International online Sichuan news: On February 11, the public security bureau of Dazhou held a meeting.Dazhou Deputy mayor, city public Security Bureau party secretary, director Gao Wulin attended the meeting and delivered a speech, Dazhou Public Security Bureau Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, executive deputy director Xu Gaoshan chaired the meeting.City bureau leaders Li Sen, Chen Wanyan, Xu Yingtao, Li Hongjie, Huang Keying, Jia Renquan attended the meeting.Should resolutely defend the meeting stressed that “two established”, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firmly “four confidence”, “two maintenance”, firmly grasp the be loyal, serve people, justice, discipline general requirements, adhere to the party’s absolute leadership, adhere to the overall national security concept, adhere to the overall development and safety, adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone,Closely adhering to the “157” overall deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the “1357” development strategy of Sichuan Public Security, adhering to the “1335” overall thinking of Dazhou public security, driven by consolidating and deepening the study and education of party history and the achievements of the rectification of team education, adhering to the self-revolution, firmly adhering to the “all-area police”, and advancing the “three major projects” of consolidating security, strengthening the base and strengthening the police.We will do a good job of the “four major plans” of casting soul, excellence, shaping and embellishing police, spare no effort to take measures to prevent risks, ensure safety and promote development, and take practical actions to welcome the successful convening of the 20th Party Congress and the 12th Party Congress of Sichuan Province.Meeting requirements, to deeply grasp the connotation of the “regional police”, strategic level to implement the “regional police” as the general guide, tactical level to promote the “+ public security” mechanism as the carrier, closely around the party’s 20th national Congress, the 12th provincial Party Congress, Chengdu Universiade and other major security work, grasp the “rock” series of special actions,All tasks to ensure the safety of the jurisdiction and enhance core combat effectiveness have been implemented.The meeting stressed that the city’s public security organs, especially leading cadres, to keep our head on out to consolidate deepen the party history study achievements of education and education team rectify, carried forward the “strong p project”, pays special attention to the “four big plan”, firmly on the spirit of self revolution play an iron hand sternly jing, is the wind against ji long, full over good political relations, takes office, style,Forging “loyal as a rock” and “solid as a rock” strong public security iron army;We should grasp the “casting soul plan”, always put political construction in the first place, strive to build and master the public security organs from the political point of view, learn in the depth, walk in the forefront, fall in the real place, and ensure the absolute loyalty, absolute purity and absolute reliability of the whole police;It is necessary to grasp the “Excellence Plan”, focus on the strategy of strengthening the city with talents in the new era, strike a “combination” of flexible talent attraction, platform talent gathering and career talent retention, break through the “blocking points”, remove the “blind spots”, aim at the “focus”, and give better play to the leading and supporting role of talents in the high-quality development of public security.To grasp deep “shaping plan”, to consolidate deepen the police team education reorganization, solid in the Tudor style education problem rectification, deepen the “three check-ups”, implement the “three think-tank, classroom, three pass” of the “3 + 3 + 3”, strengthen the anti-corruption is the wind’s age, pernicious disease of continuous renovation dense, high iron against discipline, radical, fighting,Promote the realization of long-term governance;We should optimize the “embellish police plan”, adhere to the combination of strict supervision and love, and pay equal attention to incentives and constraints, enhance the sense of honor, belonging and pride of the entire police profession, condenses the police heart, boosts morale and inspires morale, and inspires the entire police to perform their duties and missions in a more energetic state of mind.The meeting also watched the “2021 Dazhou Public Security Work Report”, read the “Notice on praising the work of the city’s public security organs in 2021 outstanding work units (collective)” document, and the 2021 outstanding work of the city’s public security organs in 2021 outstanding work units for the award.County (city, district) public security (sub-) bureau and grassroots police station related personnel to participate in the online form.The city public Security Bureau police cooperation commissioner, the departments are mainly responsible for comrades, in the bureau of discipline inspection and supervision group responsible comrades, the county (city, district) public security (sub-) bureau director, director of the political department, director of the command center, dazhou railway station police station is mainly responsible for comrades in the city public security Bureau main venue to attend the meeting.(WenSunsu) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com