During the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 23.871 million vehicles flowed on expressways in Hunan Province

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The overall situation of road traffic during the Spring Festival.Rednet moment February 7 – (reporter Li Haibo correspondent Jiang Drill) today, the reporter learned from the Hunan Highway network operation monitoring command center, the Spring Festival holiday 7 days, the total flow of highway entrances and exits in the province is 23,871,000 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 4.9%, the average daily flow of 3.41 million vehicles, 1.7 times the normal flow.February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month) was the peak day, with the peak traffic volume of 5.606 million vehicles, a record high and 2.65 times that of the normal day.Traffic proportion of sections with heavy traffic during Spring Festival holidays.During the Spring Festival holiday, the toll stations around Changsha are the main distribution centers of vehicles, with the total flow of 2.679 million vehicles, accounting for 11.22% of the total flow of the province during the Spring Festival, and presenting tidal distribution characteristics.Main four lengthwise and three transverse saturated, G4 Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed, high-speed G0421 xu guang road, G0422 wu deep high-speed, high-speed G55 two wide;G60 Shanghai-Kunming high-speed, G5513 changzhang high-speed, S50 Changzhi high-speed accounted for 54.53% of the total holiday flow.Top 10 tollbooths with traffic volume during the Spring Festival holiday.The toll stations with large traffic flow are mainly concentrated in the expressway toll stations around Changsha.The top three toll stations are as follows: G5513 Changzhou-Zhangzhou-Expressway Changsha West Toll Station has a total volume of 344,000 vehicles, accounting for 12.83% of the total flow of toll stations around Changsha, with a peak flow of 74,000 vehicles;The total flow of S41 Changtan West Expressway BSC toll Station is 287,000 vehicles, accounting for 10.72% of the total flow of toll stations around Changsha, with a peak flow of 54,000 vehicles.G6021 Changsha toll station of Hangzhou-Changsha expressway has a total flow of 277,000 vehicles, accounting for 10.36% of the total flow of toll stations around Changsha, with a peak flow of 53,000 vehicles.Top 10 traffic flow of entrance and exit of provincial boundary gate frame during Spring Festival holiday.During the Spring Festival, the total flow of expressways across the province was 1.513 million, down 30.65% year-on-year.According to the analysis of inter-provincial gate frame data, the flow into the province is mainly concentrated in the direction from Hubei to Hunan and from Guizhou to Hunan, and the flow out of the province is mainly concentrated in the direction from Hunan to Guangdong and from Hunan to Jiangxi.The tidal features are obvious from south to north and east to west in the early holiday period, and from north to south and west to east in the late holiday period.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn